About Jet-Stream

"The Jet-Stream: the most powerful current, caused by the revolution of the earth. Pilots surf the Jet-Stream to fly faster and to save fuel. The digital media revolution is here. You are the pilot. We are your Jet. Let's stream."

About Jet-Stream
Jet-Stream is the award-winning market leader in Content Delivery Network technologies and intelligence.

Intelligence provider
Jet-Stream is thought leader. The company produces business intelligence and strategy insights through white papers, its online blog, on CDN related events and through boardroom consulting services.

Advanced CDN technologies for a new era
Jet-Stream researches, develops and licenses next-generation CDN technologies. Jet-Stream technology is used by many IP network operators around the globe to offload traffic on their infrastructures and to monetize premium content delivery services for three screens IPTV, mobile content, web content and OTT content.

Reliable partner
Jet-Stream was founded in 2002 as the first vendor to research and develop next-generation, premium, content friendly and telco-friendy content delivery technologies. The company is privately owned, independent, fast growing, self-sustainable and has been profitable since the first year. Jet-Stream has no loans, debts and is independent from any investors.

CDNs are about strategies and business, not about appliances
Jet-Stream focuses on strategies, consulting, research and development. Our leading System Integrations partners provide architecture design, deployment and support services. Jet-Stream is not an appliance vendor. Jet-Streams helps its customers with their strategies, business cases and deployment of advanced and flexible CDN technologies.

Premium CDN technology
For OTT, web and mobile content to compete with traditional broadcasting and cable, network operators need more advanced technologies. Technologies that go beyond the ‘best effort’ services and technologies we know from Global CDNs. The Jet-Stream CDN solution offers true next generation, market leading, premium delivery features, distribution mechanisms, request routing technologies, management features and integration features. A premium CDN for premium content.

Proven technologies
Jet-Stream proves that its vision, its approach and its technologies work. Jet-Stream’s flagship product: the VideoExchange CDN software, is deployed in over 25 networks worldwide. Jet-Stream has deployed more CDNs than most other CDN vendors have deployed together.

Jet Stream also runs its own CDN: StreamZilla. Jet-Stream knows what it takes to run, manage and support a premium CDN on a daily basis. With 40%-50% margins on its activities it is by far the most profitable CDN in the CDN industry thanks to its use of the Jet-Stream CDN software.

Our customers
Clients of Jet-Stream are well-known telecom operators, mobile operators, cable operators, Internet access providers, wholesale carriers, broadcasters, hosting providers, enterprises and system integrators.

Reliable partners
Jet-Stream works closely with leading global market leading partners such as Ericsson, IBM, Adobe, Microsoft, Wowza, NGINX and many others to bring you not only professional support for the latest technologies, but also professional local consulting, deployment, operations and support.