CDN architecture design

Thanks to our flexible, logically layered and abstracted design, the Jet-Stream CDN technology allows you to design a CDN in many ways. We are not limited to hierarchic setups.

We understand that a global CDN is not the same as an on-net CDN. We understand that in some networks it is more efficient to build 'death star' architectures while in other networks you need deep-edge servers. Or maybe you need a hybrid CDN architecture, spanning multiple networks.

With over 15 years of experience, we help you design the most efficient architecture for today, with the flexibility to scale tomorrow. Together with your engineers we draft a first sketch and can come to a fully worked out design proposal in just a few hours, remote or on-site.

We designed and deployed 'death star', megapop, distributed, deep distributed, cloud based, hardware based and software based CDNs and hybrid designs as well. Our technology was designed to support all such architecture designs, even under very limited backhaul and remote location conditions.

Do you need support with designing your CDN? Let's talk about your business and technology strategy first.