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Jet-Stream in The 100: most influential, most innovative

The 100!
Jet-Stream is listed as one of the 100 most influential and most innovative companies in video, which have had the most impact on the space in the recent past and are likely to continue to do so in the future.

The 100 is not a top 100. Since the video ecosystem is so wide, ranging from encoding to playback, from statistics to operations, being listed means that Jet-Stream is recognized as the though and technology leader in our segment: CDN services, CDN knowledge and CDN technologies.

“The companies in the Streaming Media 100 represent many different pieces of the online video ecosystem,” says Streaming Media editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, “but they all have one thing in common: The world of online video today would be markedly different without any of them. Each one, in its own way, has made the online video industry what it is today and is pushing it towards the future.”

Jet-Stream in the top 100: most important and most innovative

Join StreamZilla on Streaming Media Europe, London, Oct 17-19
StreamZilla doesn’t have a booth but we will be very visible this year, both via on-site presence and by taking part of several panels in the Content Delivery Summit and Streaming Media program.
Contact us for a meeting.

Join Jet-Stream on CDN World Summit, London, Oct 25-28
Jet-Stream is Intelligence Provider for the event, our CEO will be your chair for the Mobile CDN focus day and we plan to announce a lot of news around Licensed CDN, CDN services, CDN knowledge, CDN ecosystem and CDN projects.
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Finalist, StreamingMedia Awards

Jet-Stream / StreamZilla is finalist in the 2011 StreamingMedia Awards! Thank you all for nominating us and voting for us as the BEST DELIVERY NETWORK.

We won the award in 2008 as well so it is great to hear that we are considered as the best player year after year by our customers and by the industry.

More than 4,000 readers submitted their votes in the awards, offering up their choices among the 281 nominees in 13 categories. The total number of votes was a whopping 14,377.

Thank you all for voting! Join us on StreamingMedia Europe, October 17-23.



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CDN projects by Jet-Stream

Projects and milestones
Jet-Stream has been involved in more CDN projects than most other vendors have deployed together. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience with CDN challenges, pitfalls and business cases. We have learned how some CDN technologies are limiting customers so we invented better technologies. We have experience with projects from a telecom operators view, but even more importantly also from a system integrator and content owners view. We have learned why some CDN business cases have failed and why others have succeeded, and therefore we can better advise our customers. As the described projects below demonstrate, Jet-Stream has unique experience with CDNs from both ends of the spectrum: from operated CDNs to licensed CDN technologies and any hybrid solution in between.

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Announcement: Jet-Stream CDN v10.6

Jet-Stream is finalizing the R&D cycle of a new version of our next generation CDN technology.

The JetStream CDN technology has its roots from the mid nineties and has had three major design overhauls and full recoding since then. V10.6 is the sixth large enhancement since our latest full recoding (v10.0) in 2008 and adds many new features to the proven and extreme stable existing codebase. Jet-Stream has a very strict R&D cycle and release policy with just one codebase to support all operational CDNs in the field. We don’t ‘hack’ exceptions for specific customers or PoCs. This policy guarantees very stable code, better future scalability, robustness, leading response to industry trends and fast innovation.

The technology has been designed from the ground up for telecom operator usage and operation. Some unique features are multi-delivery-vendor support, the advanced content distribution engine, the advanced request routing engine, the advanced log processing engine, our professional web management interface, our professional content owners self service interface, content workflow integration APIs, easy integration with existing telecom operator NOCs and open integration with third party statistics and analytics tools. The result is a much more efficient, better manageable and more premium CDN solution that does not only respect telecom operators requirements but also better meets the requirements of content publishers, giving them much more control, transparency and insight over their precious content.

Version 10.6 will be officially released on Content Delivery Summit, Monday 17 October, in London and is a major upgrade with many new features that focus on:

Advanced CDN architectures; true CDN federation preparation; enhanced robustness and scalability for even more premium CDN services; advanced and intelligent HTTP adaptive ingest, caching and delivery; enhanced distribution intelligence; and scalable log processing.


What is new in Jet-Stream VideoExchange 10.6?

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Three Nominations for Jet-Stream

Jet-Stream is nominated not once, not two times but three times for the 2011 Streaming Media Awards! Three nominations is an achievement by itself.

We are nominated for best Server Hardware / Software, best Streaming Services Provider, best Delivery Network.

The Streaming Media Awards nominations and votes are not upon invitation or by jury: it is about people in the industry choosing their favorites.

Thank you all for nominating us. It is great to read that people value our efforts in bringing more premium CDN knowledge, services and technologies to our industry. The nominations themselves are very appreciated!

Jet-Stream won the 2008 Streaming Media Awards for best CDN, beating Amazon.

Help us win in 2011! Vote for all our three nominations here.

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