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Adobe lawsuit against Wowza

Adobe claims that Wowza infringes patents for RTMP and RTMPE and is taking Wowza to court.

Ryan Lawler wrote a good article here.


2011-05-04 00:00:00 | Streamzilla

Major upgrade for StreamZilla

StreamZilla, the leading pan-EU streaming CDN, finished a major platform upgrade last week. In the past three months, all the hardware has been refreshed with new, even more powerful servers. All servers have been migrated to new racks as well. And additional capacity has been deployed. The delivery capacity has been doubled because StreamZilla expects that OTT and mobile content is going to drive growth in the upcoming years.

Because the StreamZilla CDN is a large dynamic cloud, customers were not affected by the upgrades and migrations. All upgrades and migrations were done as planned, kudos to our engineers and the engineers of our housing partners!

The major infrastructure upgrade investment was financed by StreamZilla itself, the company has been profitable since the start and has many key loyal customers, many of them have recently renewed their long term contracts.

StreamZilla has been a green CDN since 2007. The new infrastructure brings even more efficiency to the already highly optimized CDN. The new servers need less cooling and bring more power. Thanks to our parallelization technology, the StreamZilla infrastructure is highly densified, we can use all available resources much more efficiently.

Thanks to our VDO-X software, StreamZilla is able to bring down the number of heavy core servers with large storage facilities and can use more smaller bursting servers with a very low physical, power and cooling footprint. And the VDO-X software eliminates the need for power hungry overhead hardware like large storage vaults, load balancers, PoP heads, DNS servers and appliances.

StreamZilla has always been a competitively priced service, especially when you look at the premium features that are being offered: a pan-EU network that bypasses the Web for better performance over other CDNs, integrated support for all popular streaming technologies instead of a limited number of pseudo solutions, an advanced integrated management service, advanced streaming management features, advanced workflow integration API’s and professional support.

The new infrastructure -with it’s improved efficiency- allows StreamZilla to offer even smarter and more premium streaming CDN products and services to the professional streaming industry in Europe. We are working on new products and services behind the scenes which will be published on a brand new website soon. Stay tuned!


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StreamZilla streams Royal Wedding

StreamZilla will stream the Royal Wedding today for a leading mobile media services customer. Even though the iPhone is a popular device, many people use smart phones with other OS-es. Android is gaining a lot of market share for instance. Since most smart phones don’t support HTTP adaptive streaming, StreamZilla’s RTSP 3GPP streaming service will be used to stream to Android, Blackberry and other smart phones.


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Royal Wedding and the Web

LONDON—The British monarchy is promising to make the coming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton an Internet-friendly event, with a live feed on YouTube and updates via Twitter, Facebook and an official royal-wedding website…

Read more: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703367004576289140783981856.html#ixzz1KoErq5w7


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Meet Jet-Stream @ CDS May 9 New York

Together with our partners, Jet-Stream is deploying more telco CDNs than all other vendors are doing together. Jet-Stream is sponsoring Content Delivery Summit 2011, May 9 in New York.

This is your chance to meet us and our partners! We can inform you about the latest trends in CDNs, our latest CDN projects in Asia, Northern America, Central America, South America and Europe, use cases, technological advancements, technology demos and new partnerships.

Don’t forget to schedule a meeting with Scott Landman, our Vice President, Business Development for the Americas: scott@jet-stream.com. If you haven’t signed up already for CDS2011, Scott can arrange a Jet-Stream sponsored discount for the summit.