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YouTube goes WebM

According to this blog post, YouTube has transcoded all assets that take up over 99% of all traffic (30% of all assets) into WebM.


It means that within a couple of months, the codecs war starts all over again…


2011-04-19 00:00:00 | Net Neutrality

EU to probe online data traffic management

A reader sent me an article that was posted on the Financial Times this week. Because the article is for subscribers only, I’ll share some quotes:

“Regulators are to launch the first pan-European investigation into telecoms companies’ controversial data traffic management practices, in an attempt to safeguard so-called net neutrality principles.”

“The European Commission accepts some traffic management is necessary to avoid congestion on operators’ networks. Operators are dealing with an explosion of data traffic, partly because of bandwidth-hungry video services, such as Google’s YouTube and the BBC iPlayer.”

“Ms Kroes also wants to ensure that fixed-line and mobile operators are not slowing down data traffic in an anti-competitive manner. With many telecoms companies selling television and other video services to customers, she is concerned that throttling could be used by one operator to disrupt a competitor’s content.”

“She wants operators to commit to a new era of openness about how they “throttle”, or slow down, some data traffic or block certain software applications.”

“European regulators have so far taken a less prescriptive approach than US watchdogs in the net neutrality debate. This is partly because European consumers have a greater choice of internet service providers compared with their US counterparts.”


2011-04-14 00:00:00 | OTT

Tablets cannibalizing TV?

Google Admob did a survey about Tablet usage. 34% of the respondents said they spend more time on their tablet than watch TV. 52% spend more time on their tablet than they listen to radio. The survey presentation can be downloaded (PDF) here.

Actually you can question if tablet usage is actually cannibalizing other consumption or it is simply added. I don’t see that much consumers cut the cord on cable, I also don’t see TV consumption hours fall, they are still rising. So It looks like tablet usage is primarily cannibalizing non-media activities instead. What I do see is that people still have their radio and TV turned on, but are focussed on their tablet instead. Which is something advertisers should think about. Maybe we will be getting those long-awaited cross-media services after all.


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Content Delivery Networks go premium – But it won’t be the global CDNs

Content Delivery Networks go premium
But it won’t be the global CDNs

Back in the nineties, when the first global content delivery networks (CDN) emerged, their focus was on offloading static content on the Internet. By deploying regional points of presence, these global CDNs could offload traffic from the small and filled up transit links. Global CDNs use the internet to distribute content to their regional hubs, and then ‘dump’ their traffic into internet service provider (ISP) networks. Which was a great approach for many years: costs went down, performance went up.

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Meet Jet-Stream @ NAB

Meet Jet-Stream @ NAB!

Are you attending NAB? Don’t forget to schedule a meeting with Scott Landman, our Vice President, Business Development for the Americas: scott@jet-stream.com.

Ericsson will demonstrate their Media Delivery Network solution on NAB, which includes the Jet-Stream VideoExchange CDN technology.