2013-03-25 07:25:02 | CDN Federation

CDN federation or cloud resources?

Although CDN Federation was quite the hype for two years, not much happened in the past year. Some pilot projects are still going on, and interconnectivity standardization efforts are continuing.

What is the future for CDN interconnectivity and federation?

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2013-03-18 07:57:15 | news

Jet-Stream News Flash

Jet-Stream news flash:

- StreamZilla CDN welcomes new content publishers who move away from generic CDNs
- Two large licensed CDN projects in final test phase
- KPN and Jet-Stream renew CDN contract, Jet-Stream to manage CDN for KPN
- StreamZilla to deploy additional Dutch focussed streaming platform
- Jet-Stream won lawsuit against copycat
- Jet-Stream nominated for the EU Business Awards
- Prime Minister Mark Rutte visits Jet-Stream
- New licensed retail CDN for one of the world's largest enterprises 

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2013-03-16 09:40:52 | multi CDN

Multi CDN strategies

In the past three years, some larger content publishers went for a multi-CDN strategy. The idea was that these CDNs were generic resources, and by load balancing traffic over multiple CDNs, the content publishers could maximize the performance/price ratio. 

However, in the past year we have seen a countertrend. More and more content publishers are going back to a single CDN strategy. Why?

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2013-03-12 08:19:38 | cdnacademy Event

Jet-Stream CDN Academy at TV Connect

Last year Jet-Stream launched the CDN Academy. We trained leading telecom operators and vendors such as Ericsson and Liberty Global, and introduced them into the world of CDNs: strategies, business cases, pitfalls and technologies. 

During CDN World Summit Jet-Stream organized a free CDN Academy bootcamp. It was a great success. Of the 300 attendees for the show, over 150 joined the Jet-Stream bootcamp, stating "we learned more in 45 minutes than during the entire event". Other vendors even asked the event organizer if they could get such a sponsor package. But it is not a sponsor package nor is it marketing: Jet-Stream is the intelligence provider in our industry.

We are proud to annouce the second CDN Academy bootcamp, at TV Connect next week. Check out cutthecordoncable.com for this events' theme. Stay tuned on cdnacademy.com for the program and our twitteraccount @jetstreambv for instant updates and CDN related news during the event.

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2013-02-24 16:24:53 | Mobile

Mobile Delivery Network

This week is all about mobile. It's Mobile World Congress week in Barcelona. A quick refresh what mobile means to CDNs and what CDNs mean to mobile:

Video video video
Mobile operators face extreme growth in data traffic, and it's all video. Android will be big on MWC and will tout many new features but totally fails for video... 

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