2012-11-05 11:31:39 | news Trends content provider CDN

2013 trends in CDN

Jet-Stream analyzed the current CDN space and is sharing new insights in this article:

2013, trends in CDN

The article covers:

- Traditional Internet CDNs focussing away from video

- Telcos focussing on cloud based infrastructures

- Content Providers CDN

- QoS versus QoE

- And many other insights. Click below for the article!

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2012-06-05 17:51:39 | content provider CDN

Content Publishers CDN

Today, Netflix announced OpenConnect, a way for Internet Access providers to extend Netflix own CDN:

This is very much in line with the trend that Jet-Stream predicted: Content Publishers want to be in full control of their workflow chain, right down to delivery and deploy their own CDNs: cutting out the man in the middle: the Internet CDNs!

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