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A new Era | Web 3.0 | premium television | next-gen CDNs

Web 3.0: premium television

1st generation Internet

1993-1999: Web 1.0. The first decade of the Internet was all about pioneering. We had dial-up internet, with slow and unreliable connections. We pioneered live streaming in 1994. The potential audience of the web was small. There was no business in content services. Video was a challenge. The first Global CDNs emerged, focussing on web delivery, using caching and DNS technologies. Internet was a technical revolution.

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The Six trends in CDNs: download now

Today Jet-Stream released a new document about the Six trends in CDNs and how Jet-Stream VideoExchange technology addresses these trends:

  • From best effort to premium
  • From Global to Regional
  • Three Screens
  • Video, video, video
  • Global CDNs and Telco CDNs
  • Mobile Delivery


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EU telcos telling Apple, Google to pay up

As predicted in our Telco CDN strategies white paper, telcos are feeling more and more pressure from online content services.

Read this Bloomberg article.

In our Telco CDN strategies white paper (25 pages, free, request it from your business email address) we describe the threats and opportunities and how CDN technology can help both content providers and network operators work together instead of fight. Both parties need each other!


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Comcast vs Level3

Level3 took over the Netflix deal from Akamai. By undercutting Akamai’s pricing. That’s how they get their business, they buy market share purely on price. They have been offering CDN services at price points so low (isn’t price dumping illegal?) that there has to be a catch. And there is. Access providers are paying the bill.

I’ve been writing about this topic in general before, and it is my opinion that Level3 is falsely stating net neutrality abuse and is itself the cause of the problem with Comcast. Comcast wrote this to the FCC (which is the Goverment Communication agency in the USA).

Let’s go back to the basic principles of the Internet:

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*** The Telco CDN Strategy White Paper ***

I am pleased to announce that we have finalized our Telco CDN Strategy White Paper. It will be released this week on IBC.

Topics: Zeitgeist, Video kills the Internet Star, Mobile video, Telco Brand damage, Three Screens Strategies, Over The Top, Open Play, Telco Life Cycle, Logistics, On-Net CDNs versus Global CDNs and CDN Federation. It is a must read for anyone in the telco and CDN industry:

Company brochure (PDF, 0,5MB)
Download our new brochure

Company presentation slides (PDF, 3MB)
Download our new presentation

Telco CDN Strategy White Paper (protected PDF)
Request your copy by sending an email to whitepaper@jet-stream.com