2012-09-25 12:55:54 | OTT

OTT costs?

In an article on Advanced Television, an analysis of IHS Screen Digest reveals that the costs of OTT would rise to uncompetitive levels when they need to be scaled up to broadcast volume levels.

The reasoning is that traditional broadcasting is delivered via multicasting and that OTT is delivered via unicasting. 

That is wrong. First of all, only linear content can be distributed via multicasting: VOD, trick play, replay TV, delay TV etc: all relies on unicasting delivery, whether it is delivered as a traditional cable or IPTV service or as OTT services.

The reality is that most OTT content actually is not linear content anyway....

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2011-10-03 00:00:00 | Business CDN Federation Event Fiber to the Home History Mobile OTT Streamzilla

CDN projects by Jet-Stream

Projects and milestones
Jet-Stream has been involved in more CDN projects than most other vendors have deployed together. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience with CDN challenges, pitfalls and business cases. We have learned how some CDN technologies are limiting customers so we invented better technologies. We have experience with projects from a telecom operators view, but even more importantly also from a system integrator and content owners view. We have learned why some CDN business cases have failed and why others have succeeded, and therefore we can better advise our customers. As the described projects below demonstrate, Jet-Stream has unique experience with CDNs from both ends of the spectrum: from operated CDNs to licensed CDN technologies and any hybrid solution in between.

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2011-08-24 00:00:00 | OTT The Last Mile Three Screens

KPN introduces three screens

KPN announced a three screens service to their IPTV customer base.
The free service enables their IPTV subscribers to watch television on their PCs and iPads via their home WiFi.
The service is not made available via 3G or beyond the home’s WiFi due to mobile network capacity limitations and content licensing restrictions. The features for iPad and PCs are different. The iPad allows you to pause and on the PC you can rent VOD titles.

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2011-06-18 00:00:00 | Event History Mobile OTT Technology The Last Mile Three Screens Trends ISPs

A new Era | Web 3.0 | premium television | next-gen CDNs

Web 3.0: premium television

1st generation Internet

1993-1999: Web 1.0. The first decade of the Internet was all about pioneering. We had dial-up internet, with slow and unreliable connections. We pioneered live streaming in 1994. The potential audience of the web was small. There was no business in content services. Video was a challenge. The first Global CDNs emerged, focussing on web delivery, using caching and DNS technologies. Internet was a technical revolution.

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2011-04-14 00:00:00 | OTT

Tablets cannibalizing TV?

Google Admob did a survey about Tablet usage. 34% of the respondents said they spend more time on their tablet than watch TV. 52% spend more time on their tablet than they listen to radio. The survey presentation can be downloaded (PDF) here.

Actually you can question if tablet usage is actually cannibalizing other consumption or it is simply added. I don’t see that much consumers cut the cord on cable, I also don’t see TV consumption hours fall, they are still rising. So It looks like tablet usage is primarily cannibalizing non-media activities instead. What I do see is that people still have their radio and TV turned on, but are focussed on their tablet instead. Which is something advertisers should think about. Maybe we will be getting those long-awaited cross-media services after all.