Content Publisher CDN

More and more content publishers need the freedom to deliver their content directly to their end users. Content publishers want more control over their delivery than generic CDNs -both global and telco- can offer. To help content publishers to deploy and operate their own CDNs, Jet-Stream offers a wide range of services and technologies.

Abstracted technology
The Jet-Stream CDN abstracts networking, delivery, CDN control and CDN management. This means that you can deploy and operate a CDN without owning the physical network, without even owning the physical delivery nodes. You can deploy your own servers spanning multiple networks.

Software only
While most CDN vendors offer complex hardware based CDN technologies that have to be integrated with physical networks and require complex installation, integration and management, the Jet-Stream CDN is 100% software. We eliminated the requirement for specific delivery appliances, storage vaults, overhead servers and PoP heads. This gives you the freedom to deploy a CDN in any location using commonly available servers. The CDNs management system runs on industry hardware as well and can be housed anywhere.

Housing, renting
The Jet-Stream ecosystem enables you to partner with the worlds' leading housing, hosting and managed hosting partners who can offer you connectivity, datacenter capacity and even buying or renting of servers in remote locations.

Operations and management
We train your staff so you can operate the CDN. Alternatively, Jet-Stream offers operational services, which means that we monitor and manage the CDN for you. Our partners offer 24*7 remote hands services for your servers in their datacenters. These services let you focus on your business: provisioning accounts, managing content delivery and supporting your users.

CDN Federation
Your private CDN can be kept relatively small when you the use Jet-Stream federation services. Working with Jet-Stream means that you can get access to existing installed CDNs and their capacity, while maintaining full control over your own CDN. Instead of basic overlaying over multiple CDNs, you will have the full set of the advanced Jet-Stream CDN management and provisioning features. 

Next steps
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