CDN deployment

To Jet-Stream the deployment of a CDN is a breeze. We eliminated overhead equipment. All that needs to be done is deploy industry standard servers, set up virtual or cloud based servers or deploy appliances. Or a mix.

Remote deployment
Our experienced team can remotely deploy a Jet-Stream CDN in days. When your hardware is up and running, we run tests and then we auto deploy our software on a small number of central servers, and the delivery nodes, and you are up and running. 

On-site deployment
If you want on-site deployment support, you can choose from a range of trained system integrations partners with local teams around the world. Jet-Stream will support this team during the installation.

Deployment training
Jet-Stream Academy trains your engineers and system integrators. You don't need to hire or free-up a large number of specialists, send us your best engineers and we will train them within a week. We are specialized in on-the-job hands-on training.

Jet-Stream has a lot of experience with migrating and upgrading legacy CDNs to new CDNs. We help you analyze the existing situation, we help you and your customers with an easy migration towards your new CDN. 

Do you need support with designing and deploying your CDN? Let's talk about your business and technology strategy first.