Jet-Stream Edge

Edge Servers
Edge servers are the servers that deliver content to end users. The deeper you can place edge servers nearby end users, the more bandwidth costs you can save and the better streams will perform. 

Commercial or open source edge servers?
You can purchase edge appliances or edge software servers from several vendors. These vendors typically lock you into expensive hardware or software, while free open source technologies often bring more flexibility, better compliancy and beat commercial offerings in stability and performance. However, with these free caching services, your team will spend a lot of time in selecting, learning, customizing, configuring these tools. And your team will have to write custom features and tools, which costs time and money as well.

Jet-Stream Edge
The best of both worlds: Jet-Stream Edge is based upon the best in class, free and open source NGINX caching engine. We have heavily tuned and optimised NGINX for HTTP adaptive bit rate streaming, and added many intelligent features, such as:

  • automated deployment packages for instant installation on common, virtual and cloud machines
  • thundering herd protection, with the highest cache hit ratio for HTTP(s) live streaming and origin protection
  • full anti deep linking protection and session management for HTTP(s) streaming, without compromising the cache hit ratio
  • a rich set of control APIs for automated flushing, provisioning, log collection and monitoring, and much more

Where to deploy
Jet-Stream Edge servers can be deployed on the Internet, in telco networks, in corporate networks and in mobile networks, even as deep as inside radio towers, in IPv4, IPv6 and mixed environments. Our experts can help you design architectures with any mix of superpops, small pops and microedges and MultiCDN instances. 

Costs saved
You don't need to license expensive commercial hardware or software. You don't need to purchase expensive service contracts. You can use and mix common hardware, virtual servers and clouds. Common hardware can be reused. You don't need to spend resources on learning, testing, tuning, configuring open source edge servers. You don't need to spend resources on development of custom features and tools. Licensees of the Jet-Stream CDN platform get fully automated control over Edge servers and automated pooling, greatly reducing operational and SLA costs on edge infrastucture.

Efficiency gained
NGINX is the most advanced, powerful and future proof caching engine available. Deployment of Jet-Stream Edge servers is done in minutes. The time to market is one day, instead of months on learning, testing, tuning, configuring and customized development. Licensees of the Jet-Stream CDN platform get fully automated control over Edge servers and automated pooling, greatly reducing operational resources required to monitor and manage your edge infrastructure. 

Edge server licensing

  • Standalone Jet-Stream Edge servers are licensed at competitive rates.
  • Licensees of the Jet-Stream CDN platform get unlimited number of Edge server instances, without any limitation. There are no third party licenses involved.

Edge server SaaS

  • Customers of the StreamZilla CDN and MultiCDN services get free accesss to StreamZilla Overflow/Edge servers. 
  • Jet-Stream offers fully managed (24/7) Edge servers at competitive rates. Our fiber network guarantees high performance connections to the rest of the world. 
  • SaaS licensing for Edge servers is included for free, for an unlimited number of instances, without any limitations, for Jet-Stream CDN platform SaaS customers.

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