Licensed CDN

Anyone who wants to be in the CDN business has to make 'the choice': develop, partner or license:

Some telecom operators and broadcasters have tried to develop their own CDN from scratch. It took them many years, millions of dollars and most of these projects were killed. Some projects that did survive have been built with outdated technologies. These homespun CDNs offer no benefit to content owners. Developing your own CDN is high risk, high costs, without any guarantee of technical and commercial success and the time to market is killing.

Some telecom operators have considered to partner with an existing global CDN. They are now learning that this does not help them in a strategic way. Telcos don't want their network to be overtaken by global CDNs who want to put their edge nodes deeper into their network. These telcos lose control over traffic patterns. Global CDNs were never designed for telco usage. They lack the finer granularity and better control that premium content publishers demand. A Global CDN could be a partner for wholesale services, but cannot address a telecom operators requirement for on-net premium delivery such as IPTV, three screens and OTT. Telecom operators want to own and control delivery themselves. It is core.

Jet-Stream is the only vendor in the industry that offers full focus on CDN technology licensing with an open vendor and open integration approach. Because our solution is high performance software, we offer flexible licensing models. We license our unique CDN software and we help with strategy, business, archictecture design, and knowledge transfer so you can deploy and operate your own CDN and so you can support your customers.

A Jet-Stream CDN
You can't turn a global CDN into an on-net CDN. That requires another specialism. With over thirty licensed CDN projects around the globe, Jet-Stream is the market leader for CDNs for carriers, telecom operators, broadcasters and hosting providers. Since 2002 we operate our own successful CDN that is entirely focused on premium media delivery, used by many professional broadcasters. Our CDNs have very low investments and operational costs and are proven successful, with the highest margins in the industry. 

Different models
Our CDN software is the only CDN technology that was designed from the ground up for licensing for telecom operators and content publishers. This means that you don't have to go through reselling, operated CDN, managed CDN and licensed CDN phases. Install and go. We do offer multiple models and our experienced team trains your staff, not just for installation and operation but we also offer commercial support. 

Why license Jet-Stream CDN technology?

  • Zero time to market
  • Strategic and commercial support from the experts
  • No risk: proven technology
  • Proven commercially successful solution with unmatched +40% margins
  • From the leader in CDN R&D and licensing
  • Best of breed CDN technology
  • Open delivery, no vendor lock-in
  • Technically and commercially unmatched and proven
  • Designed from the ground up for telecom operators
  • Designed from the ground up to meet premium content owners demands
  • Knowledge transfer, rely on our unique 15 years experience
  • Easy deployment and operation
  • Lowest TCO, lowest CAPEX, lowest OPEX
  • The highest uptime in the CDN space
  • Jet-Stream powered CDNs outrank global CDNs in speed
  • Operate your own CDN, no dependencies on third parties
  • Widely supported in the industry and by our ecosystem
  • Not a traditional vendor that wants to sell boxes
  • Not a global CDN that tries to repackage old technology
  • True CDN federation technologies instead of CDN extensions
  • Much more sophisticated and finer control over distribution and delivery
  • Open to integrate with analytics that your customers want
  • Focus on premium web, OTT, IPTV media delivery and on mobile delivery
  •

Next steps
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