CDN Media Control Room

Jet-Stream CDN Media Control Room
The Jet-Stream CDN self service interface is a secure web-based cockpit that has been designed specifically for the most demanding content producers, content owners and content publishers. They get full control over their content and the way it is distributed, delivered and requested. 

Content owners deserve better
Jet-Stream has a heritage in media production and media publishing. We work for hundreds professional content owners. This knowledge and experience was used to develop the Jet-Stream CDN self service center.

Better control and transparency
Most CDNs are secretive about which content is located on which delivery nodes and about how many delivery nodes are actually used for each content owner and their assets. They don't share that much information. But content owners want to know exactly about resources, capacity and performance. Content owners want to control and see which objects and streams are available on which nodes. The Jet-Stream CDN offers this premium control and transparency.

Account resources overview
Account owners can oversee how their account has been set up. They can see their metadata, the available storage and traffic resources, which delivery nodes are available, which delivery services are available and they can see the business rules settings for their account. 

Users rights management
Account owners can provision sub-accounts with full or limited rights. Many account owners work with divisions or third party partners for their media workflow. By provisioning sub-accounts with limited rights they can give their employees and partners access to their account without having to worry about security, privacy or human errors. 

Geo-access management
The Jet-Stream CDN predefines continents  and countries. Account owners can create their own custom geo groups, and can manage countries within these groups. Individual and batch objects and streams can be geo blocked by hand or via the API.

Assets management and distribution management 
The Manage Assets menu gives users a powerful overview of all pre-ingested objects. Ingested content is automatically checked for metadata. Adaptive and multiple bit rate content is automatically recognized and presented as logical objects. Objects can be locked, geo blocked and deleted. The account owner can override the CDNs policies and auto popularity distribution mechanisms: the account owner can instruct to distribute each individual object to each available delivery node, manually or in batch, via the web interface and the API. The account owner can see per object on which delivery nodes it is present and can see that the object replication is validated. The status of each object can be overseen and each object can be previewed directly in the interface.

Live streams management and distribution management
The Manage Live Streams menu gives users a powerful overview of all live streams. Via an easy wizard, the account owner can setup an unlimited number of live publishing points, for all supported live streaming technologies such as Apple HLS, Smooth, Windows Media, Flash, Icecast, QuickTime, 3GPP, MPEG-4. Via easy steps the publishing points are setup and the CDN presents the correct encoder connection settings. Various source models are supported including encoder push, encoder pull and remote origin pull. 

Multiple bit rate live streams are automatically presented as logical streams. Streams can be locked, geo blocked and deleted. The account owner can override the CDNs policies and auto popularity distribution mechanisms: the account owner can instruct to distribute each individual live stream to be relayed to each available delivery node, manually or in batch, via the web interface and the API. The account owner can see per live stream on which delivery nodes it is present and can see that the dynamic relaying action is validated. The Jet-Stream instant dynamic relaying brings much more control compared to basic caching and static pulling of streams. The status of each stream can be overseen and each stream can be previewed directly in the interface.






The publishing wizard lets you generate URLs and embed codes for each object and publishing point. The embed code wizard is intelligent: it understands which vod and live stream types can be served by which services and which potential media playback clients could be used to display the live content. The wizard will automatically show you the best configuration and allows you to fine-tune playback parameters. The generated CDN URL will adapt to the selected features. The Jet-Stream CDN URL contains variables that you can tweak. Compared to best effort DNS based domain URLS the Jet-Stream CDN URL gives you much more control over delivery services, redirect functions, protocols, players, playback features and access security. 

Realtime Statistics
The statistics menu gives the account owner a powerful overview of the current status of the CDN account. Each individual redirect is logged and analyzed: the number of requests per geo region, the number of redirects per delivery node, the percentage of popular assets on bursting delivery nodes, the percentage of popular live relays on bursting delivery nodes etcetera. The 404 errors screen displays all requests to the account that could not be processed. This helps content publishers fix outdated URLs and track which content is requested without the rights to do so.

Historical reports
The bundled reporting engine generates historical information based upon the most reliable source: delivery nodes access logs. The historical overview reports many details, including traffic usage, view time and geography. The historical reports are based on media server access log files and are very detailed and exact. In our long-time experience with offering premium CDN services to hundreds demanding content publishers, we have learned that publishers have very specific requirements when it comes to analytical features. One size does not fit all. Therefore, the Jet-Stream CDN also allows account owners to download their access logs for further analysis with third party analytics tools. 

Media workflow automation and integration
A CDN is not a standalone service. A CDN also isn’t a single link in a linear chain like in how IPTV and VOD platforms are designed. Hundreds accounts for third party content publishers each may want to use the CDN for a completely different workflow. 

Each Jet-Stream CDN account offers a private set of well documented and industry standards based APIs. These APIs allow any account owner to self-integrate their entire workflow in minutes, hours or in extreme cases in days. The Jet-Stream CDN is simultaneously used in hundreds of different workflow scenarios, and is supported by a wide range of leading third party Content Management systems, encoders, transcoders, portals and other workflow services. The Jet-Stream APIs include these services:

  1. Object ingest services
  2. Live stream setup wizards
  3. XML status feeds for VOD and live
  4. SOAP control API
  5. Token based access control

Jet-Stream analyzed years of customer support requests and automated everything. Thanks to the Jet-Stream API workflow integration and easy to use web interfaces, content owners can do everything themselves. Integration is a matter of hours or days, without the need for project management and support from the CDN operator. A CDN operator can provision and support hundreds, thousands professional and demanding content publishing customers, without the need for a large support desk. Publishers can integrate and automate their own workflows. Support costs are slashed.

Many, many other features
The difference is in the details. For instance, most CDN management interfaces are bright and white. But in real life operation, content publishers who work in edit suites, studios and registration vans prefer a low contrast, dark toned interface that matches with the interface design of their production systems. The Jet-Stream CDN interface designed is optimized for this, but can of course be changed. The Jet-Stream CDN self service center offers many additional intelligent and smart CDN content management features. Contact us for a demonstration!

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