Mobile CDN

The Jet-Stream CDN is optimized for mobile networks. Mobile networks are the largest challenge for CDNs. You simply can't put a global CDNs technology into a mobile network.

Mobile delivery technologies
The Jet-Stream CDN is optimized for all HTTP adaptive streaming technologies, but also for 3GPP RTSP streaming to Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson and all other 3G compliant phones. Next to that the Jet-Stream CDN supports Flash streaming, intelligent progressive downloads and all other important delivery codecs, formats and protocols so you are guaranteed that you can deliver any content to any device via any fixed and mobile IP network. Deliver apps, ring tones, music, radio, live video, VOD, software updates and any other object to mobile devices.

Deep micro edge delivery
Since the Jet-Stream CDN is purely software based, you can deploy edge delivery capabilities within existing vendors equipment at the radio tower, or in cloud servers, or on virtual servers or with optimized dedicated micro appliances. We completely eliminated the overhead hardware per PoP. Jet-Stream licenses this technology for free to help telecom operators and telecom vendors to deploy CDNs at the lowest possible costs. 

Intelligent request routing
In mobile and on-the-go scenarios, the end users IP address is not a reliable source to recognize the end users topo/geo location. End users get different addresses when their device switches between GPRS, 3G and WiFi. Their IP address stays the same wherever they are, even abroad. And the IP address is shared with many other users. Which means that BGP or DNS based request routers cannot work in a reliable way. They simply have no clue where the end user is. The Jet-Stream Rediraptor request router is an intelligent, active request router that can be integrated with the mobile network so topo/geo lookups and edge node proximity matching are guaranteed and exact, for every individual request.

Intelligent distribution
The backhaul capacity in mobile networks is very limited. Therefore the Jet-Stream CDN does not just rely on caching. The Jet-Stream CDN replication engine is capable of pre-pushing content so the content can be trickled down and pre-pushed to the edge nodes, so each end user request is guaranteed of high performance delivery, while the backhaul is offloaded.

Transparency and control
The Jet-Stream CDN gives the mobile operator full control over traffic patterns, QoS differentiation between account owners and produces a lot of realtime information and historical logs so this information can be analyzed and reported.

Next steps
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