Recent Jet-Stream CDN projects

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2014: The first true federated CDN 
Jet-Stream integrated global CDNs including Level3, Amazon Cloudfront and Leaseweb and others into its CDN management software. These CDNs are treated as fully integrated geo edge nodes within the Jet-Stream software, rendering third party CDN load balancing systems unnecessary. The first CDN to introduce our true CDN federation solution is StreamZilla, which will offer dynamic and active load balancing based upon realtime geo, performance, cost and availablity parameters. Customers on the StreamZilla platform benefit from fast time to market, no multi CDN integration headaches, lower traffic prices, higher capacity, higher performance, higher uptime and advanced streaming media management and workflow features through one partner. 

2013: Strategy consulting and retail media CDN for one of the world's largest enterprises 
Jet-Stream is proud to be selected as the CDN strategy and technology partner for one of the world's largest enterprises. This Asian company extensively researched all vendors in the CDN space and selected Jet-Stream after attending the Jet-Stream CDN Academy bootcamp and stated to be very impressed by our vision, technology and leadership. Jet-Stream already started strategy, technology and architecture planning for this massive on-net, fixed and LTE, multi million household retail media delivery platform, using the latest technologies such as accelerated hardware, next-generation request routing, active distribution management, virtualized networking and cloud based infrastructure. 

2013: CDN edge technology optimization for one of the world's largest CDN
Jet-Stream was hired to develop advanced HTTP adaptive streaming modules for a next generation caching technology by one of the world's largest global CDN operators. Large scale CDNs don't use appliances, they rely on Internet based caching software. However, most of these CDNs run on older (over 10 years old) software that is efficient for web caching but very limited for HTTP streaming both in performance and features. Jet-Stream was selected by this leading global CDN operator because of our experience with HTTP video and next generation caching technologies. Jet-Stream optimizes caching software, develops and licenses both open and proprietary versions that highly accelerate and enhance edge servers and edge services for HTTP adaptive bit rate streaming. 

2012: CDN academy for cable, telco operators and system integrators
Jet-Stream provided strategy consulting, business consulting and training for several operators and system integrators including Ericsson, UPC and various other telecom operators around the world. Jet-Stream advised management about their CDN strategy and provided architecture design, CDN technologies, CDN deployment and CDN operations training courses.

2012: Licensed carrier CDN for Telenor, Nordics
Jet-Stream was selected as the content delivery network technology supplier after a pitch issued by Telenor, one of the worlds largest telecom operators. This operator is a fine example of one that had already been commercially successful in offering CDN wholesale services to premium content owners, offering performance that global CDNs simply can't match. However, as with all homegrown CDNs, the organically grown platform became more and more complex and more and more locked into their own limitations. The operators needed to work in over a dozen of different systems while the ambition was to add even more technologies and PoPs. Jet-Stream was selected because of our leading technology that greatly reduces the operational costs, and because of our experience with migrating legacy CDNs and their customers to new platforms. Thanks to Jet-Stream, this telco cannot just compete on performance, but also on management and reporting features, powerful new workflow integration tools and lower operational costs, even while adding additional PoPs in multiple countries.

2012: New +1Tbps licensed carrier CDN for ROS Telecom in Russia
Ericsson MDN, a solution powered by Jet-Stream and our partners, won an important pitch against virtually all other vendors in the industry to build a massive new, carrier powered, content delivery network for ROS Telecom in Russia. The CDN will span half the globe using many PoPs, which in total have a real-life delivery capacity of over 1Tbps on a dedicated network. The CDN will be used for premium media delivery including support for various HTTP adaptive streaming technologies, RTMP Flash streaming and HTTP web acceleration. Even most global CDNs don't have this actual delivery capacity available. The Jet-Stream CDN technology is the intelligent core of the CDN, controlling all the delivery appliances and all delivery servers. The Jet-Stream CDN software is responsible for dynamic content routing, dynamic request routing, account provisioning, log processing and overall CDN management. This +100million subscribers carrier specifically chose the solution because of the combined expertise, the achieved efficiency in CDN intelligence and delivery appliances, the market leading analytics and the intelligent yet easy to use Jet-Stream CDN management technology. 

2011: Licensed OTT CDN for Tata Sky in India
Tata Sky in India decided to bypass traditional cable and IPTV and go OTT all the way. In their view, IPTV is too closed, too limited and too expensive while OTT brings them the benefits of open technologies, direct access to consumers and fast deployment. In co-operation with Ericsson and other vendors, Jet-Stream was selected as the CDN technology. The CDN is deployed in multiple deeply penetrated points of presence, covering many cities in India. One of the reasons that the Jet-Stream CDN works better in this specific scenario is the ability to trickle down push content to edge nodes instead of using caching due to the extremely limited backhaul capacity of less than 10Mbps between PoPs. Each PoP has 500TB of storage to provide mass scale VOD services. The project is being scaled up.

2011: System integration partnership with Ericsson
To address the global demand for telco and broadcasters powered CDNs, Jet-Stream signed up for a partnership with Ericsson. Ericsson is a global leader for telecommunications technology, infrastructure and operations. Ericsson is also a global leader for IPTV platforms. These two industries are now getting connected by CDNs. Because of Jet-Streams knowledge, experience and technology, Ericsson selected the Jet-Stream CDN as the core for their Media Delivery Network solution, which includes CDN, content management, encoding, and transcoding and network optimization technologies. Thanks to Ericsson’s global footprint, Jet-Stream CDN customers can rely on local expertise and local support. Jet-Stream trains Ericsson's staff members so Ericsson's market units can support their customers with consulting, architecture design, system integration and operational support. Jet-Stream provides third line support, project support and consulting. The Jet-Stream CDN is the core of Ericsson's Media Delivery Network (MDN) solution and is deployed in various Ericsson labs and Ericsson clients.

2011: Licensed CDN to span Russia
Global CDNs have no presence in Russia. Russia is an emerging economy and spans 11 time zones. The capacity between Russian cities is extremely limited and expensive, but local average DSL connectivity is faster than that in most European countries and much faster than in the USA. The Jet-Stream CDN is the ideal fit for these conditions because of our more intelligent backhaul load saving technologies. Condensa licensed the Jet-Stream CDN technology to deploy a Russian CDN, used for commercial wholesale services. The CDN is deployed by BitLife, a regional system integrator.

2011: Licensed telecom operator CDN for Claranet, Iberia
Claranet is a leading managed services provider and was one of the first hosting companies in Iberia. Claranet expanded into England, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the USA. In addition to their ISP, hosting and cloud services, Claranet licensed the Jet-Stream CDN technology which is used for wholesale media delivery.

2011: Licensed wholesale CDN for Alestra / Dimtec in central and North America
By lack of proper CDN infrastructure in their region, Alestra / Dimtec Smartcast licensed the Jet-Stream technology to deploy their high-performance premium content delivery network service in Central America and North America. The choice for the Jet-Stream CDN has been made due to its low starting point but easy extendibility and open integration options with related software such as OVPs, delivery appliances.

2010: Hosting provider CDNs (multiple hosters)
A number of hosting providers selected Jet-Stream for their streaming CDN. Hosting providers in general have no knowledge about video delivery. To be able to serve their customers better, to prevent these customers from jumping to global CDNs and to make more margins on premium services compared to cloud, virtual or standard hosting, the hosting providers selected the Jet-Stream CDN for its low cost operation and powerful self-service features.

2010: Broadcaster operated federated CDN
To further investigate the operational requirements of CDN federation, Jet-Stream, NPO, KPN and SURFnet joined efforts to build a federated CDN. KPN, SURFnet and Jet-Stream offered edge server resources to NPO. Jet-Stream deployed our CDN management system within the NPO premises that could utilize resources from the other CDNs as edge servers. This was not a pseudo-federated model where a CDN merely was extended into another network or a pseudo-federated model where a very basic load balancing system was overlayed on top op multiple caching based CDNs. This was true resources sharing between multiple CDNs. Thanks to this project Jet-Stream R&D has been able to further investigate and develop true CDN federation models and technologies.

2010: Licensed CDN in Latin America for Distribui
Distribui is a Latin American Content Distribution Network with multiple points of presence in the region, providing services and solutions for premium Video and Audio streaming (live and on-demand), progressive download, and video management. Through local support, strong infrastructure and first class technologies, it provides the next generation CDN, powered by Jet-Stream technology.

2010: Licensed Global CDN for IP Exchange
IP Exchange licensed Jet-Stream CDN technology to deploy a private global CDN: licensed global CDN, used for commercial wholesale services. Focussed on Germany with their physical footprint, IP Exchange decided to deploy a global CDN so they can offer their customers a more premium delivery service globally. Outsourcing to global CDNs was not an option because of the lack of insights and control a third party can offer. The IP Exchange CDN is deployed in multiple PoPs in Europe and on the US East coast and US West coast.

2009: Mobile operator CDN for one of the largest mobile operators in the world
An IBM lab completeley simulates a mobile network and the traffic patterns in a mobile network. IBM had reviewed other CDN options but selected the Jet-Stream CDN for its minimal physical footprint, efficient internal CDN dynamics and more intelligent logic specifically for mobile networking challenges. The Jet-Stream CDN software is deployed in both the lab and in the field, at the outer edges: the radio towers. The field result was a staggering 66% backhaul traffic reduction, combined with transparent Internet caching and traffic shaping technologies.

2009: Telco licensed CDN for SURFnet, Netherlands
SURFnet is a high-speed academic IP network that is fully IPv6 and multicast enabled. SURFnet wanted to offer professional, high quality video streaming services and selected Jet-Stream for the CDN component. SURFnet lets academic researchers use their network and infrastructures to test the latest research including new codecs and ultra HD resolution video. SURFnet is responsible for provisioning accounts. Account owners can manage their own content and workflow automation. Jet-Stream trained SURFnet's system integrator partner so this third party can monitor, manage and support SURFnet. Jet-Stream offers third line support.

2009: Telco licensed CDN for KPN, Netherlands
KPN is a leading telecom operator. KPN had built a homespun streaming CDN in the past but this was getting outdated, had grown organically but now reached a size that became unmanageable. KPN selected Jet-Stream over other vendors because of our premium technologies, openness, flexibility and experience. The 100Gbps KPN CDN was deployed and operational within 2 months after signing the contract, including architecture design, hardware preparation, training, stage platform deployment, operational deployment, testing and first customer testing. Thanks to the hands-on training by Jet-Stream, KPN staff could operate the entire CDN in-house. Jet-Stream provides third line support.

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