The Jet-Stream CDN ecosystem is a collection of the leading global digital video related companies, from encoding to playout, from DRM to global system integration.

Open Play
Jet-Stream does not lock you into proprietary delivery technologies. We support a wide range of software and hardware vendors. Combine and mix these industry leading technologies and stay guaranteed of the latest innovations in the industry, without the risk of being locked into a proprietary single vendor solution.

For technology partners
Jet-Stream offers technology vendors the opportunity to become part of a larger, more sophisticated CDN ecosystem, that is not just focussed on optimizing efficiency but is also focused on knowledge sharing and innovation. Jet-Stream translates customer feedback in new features and pro-actively works with vendors to enhance and integrate their products. Which in turn guarantees a richer and faster innovating ecosystem and more premium content delivery network solutions for CDN customers.

For system integrators
Thanks to Jet-Stream technology licensing and knowledge transfer, global and regional system integrators were able to position themselves as leaders in the CDN industry towards their customer base. Our global and regional partners help CDN customers to design, deploy and operate CDNs in any country in the world. These strategic partnerships let Jet-Stream focus on intelligence and R&D so we can innovate faster than other players in our industry. 

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