CDN technology strategy

Before you can send out RFIs and RFPs to vendors, you need a clear technology strategy. 

Typically, vendors will offer a solution based on their proprietary, locked-in chain of technologies. Global CDN operators will try to make their best-effort CDN technologies fit into telco environments. Telco R&D departments will copy-paste technologies from best-effort Global CDNs.

Choosing and designing a CDN starts with the strategic, tactical and commercial goals. And how you can achieve these: do you have the right knowledge level? Do you have the staff to manage, market, sell and support a CDN?

The next step is to create a list of high level requirements. This will help you pre-select technologies and vendors. What requirements do your internal projects and customers have regarding delivery technologies, delivery guarantees, delivery capacity, delivery quality of service, management, transparency, feedback, reports, analytics and workflow automation? Are DNS and caching good enough or do your customers demand more premium technologies?

The third step is to dive deeper into your specific requirements regarding the CDN's infrastructure: on-net, off-net, global? Hybrid? What impact does this have on the network, and which components need to be upgraded or added? Is the CDN going to be used in mobile networks?

The fourth step is to look at the value chain: do you need to integrate the CDN with specific existing components or third party workflow environments? 

The fifth step is to discuss your operational requirements: do you want to operate the CDN in-house or do you want to outsource? Do you need knowledge-transfer? 

For most CTOs these and many other questions are new. Jet-Stream has this experience and can help. We don't just push our solution. We are neutral towards vendors and system integrators. We look at your business and requirements first. Our input helps you to produce better RFIs and RFPs and prevents you from buying a CDN solution that is going to limit you in your opportunities.

For more details about our technical innovations, read the CDN technologies section and request our CDN Technical White Paper.

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