Event live streaming

Streaming live events is the foundation of what we do at Jet-Stream. We produced our first live stream of an event in 1994. A rock concert in a popular venue in hometown Groningen, the Netherlands. We attracted no less than 4 viewers, which was a staggering amount back in the day.

Live events with high impact

You want to have an impact on the audience who physically attend your live event. You don’t want to settle for less for your online audience. They need to be able to experience your event just like they are there with you. For complete end-to-end control of how your live event is streamed, we are there to support you.

Uptime and performance of your live event streams

We have supported tens of thousands live events with our platform.  Our technical support team is rated 8.7/10 by our customers. They will help you test and make sure that your live event will be streamed. Our platform has a redundant set-up. In the off chance that one of our servers goes down during your event, your stream will automatically be transferred to our back up live event streaming facility.