Turbo boost your streams

Today, most content providers outsource their media delivery to a single CDN partner. They are locked in to this vendor, technically and contractually, limiting their ability to switch to another vendor, and limiting their ability to negotiate better rates.

Using a single CDN partner is a liability: if this single vendor has outages, performance issues or bugs, the content provider is entirely dependent on how fast the CDN partner can resolve the problems.

Multi CDN strategy
Over 80% of all broadcasters and OTT platforms have stated that they want to implement a Multi-CDN strategy as soon as possible, to reduce their TCO, to become less dependent and to improve uptime and performance. The feedback from broadcasters is that although overlay and DNS switching based MultiCDN services can offer performance and uptime benefits but have not brought much needed cost savings. They reduced features to the lowest common denominator. Integrating and managing a, overlay/switching MultiCDN setup is bringing them headaches.

Turbo Boost your streams with Jet-Stream integrated Multi CDN
Jet-Stream MultiCDN enables new opportunities for content publishers and for Content Delivery Network and Cloud operators as well. Our platform is deeply integrated with all the major Global CDNs including Akamai, Amazon, Fastly, Level3, Highwinds, Verizon and many others.

Jet-Stream MultiCDN
reduce TCO up to 50%
no more single point of failure
highest uptime
highest performance
most versatile and flexible streaming platform
true dynamic and enforced load balancing
control delivery over all CDNs through one unified portal and API
Zero time to market and no operational headaches

One platform to rule them all
We have such deep integration and control over third party CDNs that they act as if they are our own edge caches. We for instance manage cache flushing, content protection and process access logs. Jet-Stream MultiCDN is your advanced streaming platform, while multiple CDNs are dynamically used to delivery your content at the highest performance, anytime, everywhere. All Jet-Stream streaming platform features are available to MultiCDN customers, regardless the mix of underlying CDNs.

Pre-integration, instant provisioning
We can provision a Jet-Stream MultiCDN account within minutes. We have deep integration and automation with all major Global CDNs, and we also have contracts in place with leading CDNs, and you can bring your existing CDN contracts as well, for all integrated CDNs. You can automate your entire workflow with us within hours. We offer centralised logs and analytics, and you can flush content on all CDNs through our platform and API.

Intelligent algorithm
Early attempts to use multiple CDNs focussed on website speed: the faster the CDN, the better. Consensus in the industry was that one should always select the fastest CDN. Then Jet-Stream globally analysed streaming performance and found that all CDNs over perform for video. End user QoE is not improved when video is delivered at 50 speed instead of 20 speed. As long as the CDNs deliver above a ‘good enough’ performance threshold, QoE is guaranteed. A breakthrough insight. Jet-Stream invented a new, protected algorithm based upon this principle, always selecting the most affordable route per ISP, unless QoE is affected: this is how we dramatically reduce costs, while guaranteeing much better performance than using a single CDN.