No hidden costs

Jet-Stream pricing is not just competitive: we are also transparent and like you we don’t like hidden costs. That is why all our advanced features are bundled for free with your account.

No contract lock-in
With Jet-Stream you are free to chose a monthly or annual contract with Jet-Stream. We are confident that our customers love our service and stay: we don’t need to lock you in a long term contract. Customers seeking long-term commitment benefit from discounts.

Transparent traffic charging
Jet-Stream charges a fixed monthly fee, for all the offered features, with complimentary traffic and storage bundles. If you use more traffic, storage or support than bundled or committed, we charge competitive, published rates. 1MB = 1000 bytes. Due to our way of calculating traffic (access logs based) we add an industry accepted TCP/HTTP(s) overhead percentage.

Free bundled services
We include for free: HTTPS delivery, live & vod streaming in all popular formats, intelligent origins, content analysis, high performance tiered storage & RAM delivery, active request routing, transmuxing, geofencing, real time statistics, historical analytics, unified GUI, powerful APIs, VAST Ad management enabled JW Player, and much, much more.

Optional services
Optionally we can enable video recording and the Multi-CDN Turbo boost feature. You can also choose between incident support, business hours SLA and a 24/7 SLA.

No caps, slots or hits
Many video platforms and CDNs have hidden costs or caps. Jet-Stream does not charge for inbound traffic, internal traffic, hits, video plays, CPU cycles, log processing, etc. Jet-Stream also does not cap you in slots or bandwidth. We use a Fair Use Policy instead.