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Stop tracking people

4 September 2019, Written by 0 comment

Stop tracking people – don’t pay with your data!

Why trackers in video players are bad.
And how Jet-Stream Player helps you gain trust from your audience.

(hint: we guarantee privacy, you get better analytics and a video player, to put privacy on the agenda in the streaming industry, we made it free)

Privacy laws

The internet we foresaw in the early nineties was a network to connect people, to share knowledge and to make things way more transparent. 

Unfortunately, the internet has become a large spy web of public and hidden companies that permanently track all your activities. They construct a digital persona of you and share and sell your profile (your data, not theirs) to anyone who sees commercial opportunities without your knowledge or consent. 

Excessive data gathering, sharing, and manipulation came to light with the Cambridge Analytica activities, who abused the profiles of millions to influence democratic elections in multiple countries. As a result, we now have very, very strict privacy laws.

Privacy in streaming

We thought that the streaming industry was not really that involved in privacy invasive activities. We analyzed how many video players were using trackers, and if data was flowing to unknown parties and to servers in unknown countries.

Virtually all video players and video platforms are hosted outside of the EU, with data leaking to non-EU companies, CDNs, clouds and data processing companies. Video platforms are the worst: they are free, but you pay with your data.

We started to ask ourselves: is this still good practice? Do we want to keep supporting this? And are these activities within the boundaries of the GDPR laws? The answers are no.

Tracker paradox

Many professional streaming users make money from ads. Which is nice. The audience gets free access to cool content, and in return, they see some ads. Ads can be annoying but can be nice too. 

We routinely analyze online video behavior, we saw a heavy increase in tracker blockers after the Cambridge Analytica scandal: roughly 20% of all video watchers use tracker blockers: we think not just specifically because of the ads, but primarily to block all these trackers. 

The more the industry uses trackers in video player, the more people will install trackers blockers. The fewer ads will be shown, the less revenue you have (but still the costs) and also the less accurate your analytics become since most video players and platforms rely on client-side data for their analytics: which is also blocked by trackers. 

No trackers in video player is better for everyone

If the player vendor has no business model to count the number of views, they don’t need a tracker for it. If the player vendor doesn’t need client-side data for their analytics, they don’t need a tracker for it. 

No trackers is better for everyone. Well, except for the industry that makes money from gathering, processing, and selling data and manipulating your audience. Too bad for these companies. 

How can you sell to your audience and your management that your video streaming service is in violation of EU privacy laws.

Server-side is accurate, the player side is inaccurate

Tracker blockers block roughly 20% of video player side data gathering. It means that you miss 1 out of 5 viewers in video player based analytics platforms. It means that you are streaming blind to 1/5 of your audience. As a streaming professional, that is an unacceptably high percentage. How can you sell this to management and advertisers? 

Server-side logging, statistics, and analytics cannot be blocked. You watch, we log. Server-side logging and analytics are 100% accurate. It is the only reliable way to get good insights into streaming usage. You just have to make sure that the processor is doing the right things with your data. 

Jet-Stream Analytics and Statistics: rich and GDPR compliant

Jet-Stream request routers log every request and routing output, in our EU based servers. This data gives us real-time and trend insights into the popularity of the content and where viewers are coming from. We present this data to our customers as real-time statistics, without the ability to track or identify users.

When you watch content from our servers, we log every request in our EU based servers. This data is processed to calculate traffic consumption (which is part of our business model) and also processed for detailed analytics for our customers. Jet-Stream Analytics is a very powerful service that gives you full insights into streaming usage, trends, popularity and your audience within the strictest EU privacy laws.

GDPR privacy law compliance

Both our statistics and analytics services are 100% GDPR compliant. We make sure that individual users cannot be identified or tracked. We only store data in the EU. We are an EU company with no ties to foreign companies. We protect the data and we will never sell or share any data. It’s not our business model and it is against our principles. 

Jet-Stream Player helps you protect your audiences’ privacy

Jet-Stream Player is free and unlimited for our customers. We don’t need to track the number of plays, so we don’t need a tracker for that. We also have much better and 100% accurate analytics so we don’t need a tracker for that. 

Using Jet-Stream Player and the Jet-Stream platform means that you choose to protect the privacy of your audience. You can use this as an argument to ask them to whitelist your portals and apps to allow ads in return. 

Make sure you use an ad platform that limits its tracking services to the minimum and doesn’t share or sell its data. Win back some trust from your audience. Use privacy as a competitive advantage. 

A great side effect: save lots of money

Player vendors and online video platforms use analytics as their main argument to charge recurring fees that scale up with the number of plays. 

Since Analytics and Statistics are an integrated part of our platform for which customers pay a fixed low monthly fee, we don’t have to charge you for the number of plays.

We think it is so important to put privacy and data protection on the agenda of the streaming media industry that we decided to make our privacy player available for free.

Jet-Stream Player comes bundled for free with every Jet-Stream account and has unlimited views, unlimited analytics. 100% accurate analytics, and privacy is protected. So you gain and you save a lot of money.

Another cool side effect: an ultra fast video player

A video player without trackers is better than a video player with trackers: it has a smaller footprint, doesn’t need additional connections, isn’t constantly sending updates in the background, so it is smaller and it is way faster to load. Jet-Stream Player is hosted from our ultra fast CDN. Load and play. 

Check out the privacy player on

Let’s make the internet a better place, stop tracking. Don’t pay with your (customers’) data.


Stef is the founder of Jet-Stream, and pioneered one of the very first webcasts in 1994. Yes it means he is at least 27 years old. He says 😉