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Streaming companies are evading European privacy laws en masse

11 September 2019, Written by 0 comment

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Streaming companies are evading European privacy laws en masse

Amsterdam 11 September 2019 – Streaming companies are evading European privacy laws en masse. Data is stored on foreign servers – even stored with third parties – and that is contrary to the European privacy guidelines.

Dutch streaming company Jet-Stream ( is launching their Privacy Player at the International Broadcast Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam this week. In contrast to existing players, this video player does not track the viewing behavior of streaming video users and also offers more reliable analytics. The video player is offered for free, partly to challenge the earnings model of privacy-violating suppliers. All Jet-Stream customers have now switched to the Privacy Player.

All Jet-Stream customers have switched to the privacy player

Jet-Stream works for hundreds of professional broadcasters, publishers, sports clubs and business customers in Europe. Previously, Jet-Stream licensed video players from other suppliers for its customers. All Jet-Stream customers who used these video players have now switched to the new Privacy Player.

“A switch is a logical choice, because the new video player offers the same professional features, protects the privacy of viewers, offers better analytics and saves our customers up to 50% of their total operational streaming costs,” said Stef van der Ziel, founder of Jet-Stream; “Customers didn’t have to do anything for this migration. Several customers who now use a third-party video platform are also considering the switch.”

Privacy scandals

“When we started streaming in 1994, we wanted to build an internet where people could freely communicate with each other and share knowledge, via video,” continues Van der Ziel, founder of the company. “But 25 years later, when you look at what the internet has become, it is now a web of trackers, where you are constantly monitored. You do not know where your data is stored and who does what with it. There have been many scandals surrounding data leakage. It was time to do something about it.”

Tracking viewing behavior

Television, radio and film providers need to know how popular their content is. To measure this, suppliers of video players and video platforms put so-called trackers in their software. However, this data is often stored on foreign servers and clouds and is even shared to third parties, which is contrary to the European privacy laws. The Jet-Stream video player does not have trackers, is hosted on Dutch servers and does not leak data to third parties or outside of the EU-zone.

Reliable analytics

Without trackers it is possible to offer content providers accurate analytics. one fifth of the viewers uses a tracker blocker these days, making the measurement of viewing behavior in the player considerably less reliable. Jet-Stream measures viewing behavior in its Dutch cloud and processes the data within the GDPR privacy law boundaries so that providers can guarantee the privacy of their viewers and at the same time receive much more accurate analytics.

Earnings model of privacy violators challenged

To put pressure on the revenue model of suppliers who violate viewers’ privacy, Jet-Stream has decided to offer its video player for free. The video player is added to the services of the Dutch streaming specialist free of charge.

Stef van der Ziel: “Video platforms earn good money from the number of ‘plays’ of viewers. This revenue model is disproportionate to their actual operating costs and puts heavy pressure on the budget of broadcasters and publishers. In addition, they leak data intentionally or unintentionally to third-party clouds, or they leak data to third parties. To put privacy on the industry agenda, we have decided to offer the player for free and thereby challenge their business model. “


“Video is our core strategy. YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo play by their own rules: we need to be in control and selected Jet-Stream. Jet-Stream Player is not just a video player. It comes with a streaming service that is flexible, powerful and reliable under all circumstances. I like the light weight code but still comprehensive feature set of the player. Especially that there are no player costs and the ad revenues are ours.” – Sebastiaan Vos, Manager Digital NH Media | AT5 Broadcasting.

“Almost all well-known video players collect information about viewers, and much more than is really necessary, they store this data outside the EU, often with third parties. It is unclear what happens to the data. They violate several European laws. I am glad there is now a privacy-friendly alternative.”- Mr. Dr. Mathieu Paapst, privacy adviser at ICTRecht.”

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