Webinar Speakers

Embark on a journey through the evolution of streaming technology with the speakers of our ‘Streaming Innovations’ webinar.

Join us in celebrating the past 30 years of technological advancements and immerse yourself in insightful discussions led by industry experts. What better way to kickstart this celebration than by gathering with the minds that have shaped the streaming landscape?

Webinar Speakers
Alex Liu
Co-founder & COO
of NETINT Technologies

Alex Liu is the co-founder and COO of NETINT Technologies, a visionary in the video technology sector with a Master’s in Technology Management. With extensive experience at major tech firms and a PMP certification, his expertise is driving innovation and sustainability in digital entertainment. A strategic thinker and Stanford Business alumnus, he is shaping the future of video technology and a strong advocate for sustainability in the industry.

Adrian Roe has 25+ years experience running fast-growth IT companies across streaming media, retail, financial and mobile sectors. A pioneer of “cloud first” solutions and a high availability specialist, Adrian has designed and delivered platforms delivering high volumes of live events to audiences across the globe – including low and ultra-low latency. Adrian is a major proponent of systems that are provably “correct by construction” and how ideas from academia can lead to practical commercial advantage.

Adrian Roe
CEO, id3as
Stefan Oude Wesselink
of Opt Out Advertising

Stefan Oude Wesselink is one of the five founders of Opt Out Advertising. The founders met at STER, the saleshouse of the Dutch public broadcaster (NPO). Three years ago, they left STER and founded Opt Out Advertising. Within Opt Out Advertising, Stefan is responsible for connecting advertisers and media agencies to tier 1 publishers in a privacy-friendly world.

Frans Olsthoorn, founder and CEO of Scriptix, has over a decade of experience with speech recognition services. Seeing how speech recognition can benefit people who are deaf or hard of hearing, Frans set out to found Scriptix with a mission to make content accessible to everybody. Currently, Scriptix offers automated subtitles, transcripts and translation to a host of customers in the public sector and media & entertainment industry.

Frans Olsthoorn
CEO, Scriptix
Stef van der Ziel
CEO, Jet-Stream

Stef van der Ziel, a pioneering force in the streaming industry since 1994, is the visionary mind behind live streaming and the founder of Jet-Stream. Stef’s first stream was just a post stamp, with 1 frame per second, but it blew his mind. “Streaming will change the world”, he thought. It became Stef’s mission to make streaming easier, smarter, and more professional in order to operate a successful streaming service. “I have a can-do mentality and can drive people mad with creative and innovative ideas.” 

Jeroen Krouwels is an ed-tech entrepreneur and was at the foundation of the e-learning industry in the Netherlands. He was co-founder of the e-learning trade association, now part of the NRTO. His first company merged with the largest national educational publisher (Noordhoff), where he was lead innovation for another 5 years. Since 2019, he has been director of hihaho, the international product leader for interactive video.

Jeroen Krouwels
Hihaho interactive video