Team Jet-Stream

We are global: we deliver your streams across the world. We are European: we value quality, privacy and we protect your data. We are Dutch: open, direct, innovative, inclusive, and professional. We are from Groningen: down to earth, informal, work hard and play hard.

Team Jet-Stream
Streaming CMO

Anniek Ottens – CMO

Anniek has always had an interest for information technology (IT). Especially in making IT more accessible to a wider audience. “Jet-Stream is an organization that excels in this. A company from Groningen that we can be proud of. Broadcasting a livestream by the means of a single click. That is mind blowing! Ease of use should always be a top priority in the world of IT.” As an interim CMO, Anniek really enjoys supporting Jet-Stream with presenting their newest features to the public. She does this in the coolest of ways. “Jet-Stream gives me all the space I need to be creative.” In her spare time, you will find Anniek riding a motorbike or traveling the world. 

Streaming has quickly become a part of everyday life. We have come to expect to be able to consume content anytime, anywhere. “At Jet-Stream, we make that possible!” As a CIO it is Anton’s goal to maximize uptime and performance. Keeping the platform running like clockwork is a must. Customers should focus on their content and business rather than worry about tech. “I am structured, result-oriented and creative as well as an avid sailor, tenor saxplayer and fulltime nerd.” Anton lives in Friesland with his wife and kids, loves music, reading a book and cooking steaks on the BBQ.

Streaming CIO

Anton de Gier – CIO

Streaming CFO

Ariane Langes – CFO

Jet-stream is a financial solid company and only works with own capital. No loans or external investments are needed to stay innovative in streaming. Ariane is an Old-School financial: pay cash and keep a close eye on you KPI’s. “We are focused on long term financial health, instead of short-term growth buying with external funding. This strategy pays out since we have no investors causing delays in innovation to meet goals. We make quick decisions and listen to the wishes of our customers.” Ariane really likes Jet-Stream’s down to earth way of doing business. The CFO was born and raised in Groningen and enjoys the little things in life to the fullest. 

As a CTO it is Joshua’s mission to add awesome new tech. Jet-Stream recently migrated from a traditional setup to a fully containerized and scalable infrastructure. The backbone of high-performance streaming. Together with his team he develops all kinds of new streaming tools and features. “We experiment with the latest tech so we know what’s coming and what this could mean for our customers. Since we are not a startup running out of a garage, we need to make sure that our products are rock solid and 100% up.” Joshua was raised in Groningen. In a previous life he founded Peperzaken, an app building agency that built over a hundred apps for a wide range of customers. Today he lives in Haren with his beautiful wife, two kids and cat. 

Streaming CTO

Joshua Peper – CTO

Streaming CSO

Olivier de Ruyver – CSO

Olivier is a real ‘tech freak’. When our CEO approached him to help Jet-Stream transition into a scaleup in the area of sales, he didn’t have to think twice. “I immediately clicked with Stef and was impressed by the company he founded. As a consumer I could never imagine the level of complexity in technology behind streaming.” The interim CSO really enjoys helping Jet-Stream. “Jet-stream is a fast-moving company you can build with. I am a builder. Developing strategies and building successful sales teams is what gives me energy.” Sports also energises Olivier. Not only does he play squash, he is also on a basketball team. On weekends he loves riding his scooter or being on the water with his kids. It’s the little things in life that matter.

Can you imagine life without streaming? Stef’s first stream was just a post stamp, with 1 frame per second, but it blew his mind. “Streaming will change the world”, he thought. It became the CEO’s mission to make streaming easier, smarter, and more professional in order to operate a successful streaming service. “I have a can-do mentality and can drive people mad with creative and innovative ideas.” Besides Jet-Stream, Stef is active in marketing projects, he is an ambassador for the regional children’s hospital and participates in several boards. Fun fact: Stef likes fast cars as much as he dislikes broccoli. 

Streaming CEO

Stef van der Ziel – Founder