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Why do you need to create videos for your business?

1 October 2019, Written by 0 comment

Videos boost sales and conversions

Videos bring money to your business! By adding a product video on your landing page can result in an 80% increase in sales. Studies also show that 74% of users who have watched an explanation video about the product buy it. Start crafting your videos now!

Videos result in 83% return on investment

Even though to produce a good video you need some investment, it pays off very quickly. In addition, video editing tools are becoming more affordable and easier to use. You can even go for a smartphone as a tool for video creation.

Although good quality of the video is important, the good content in the video matters more. The research shows that most users are put off by a video if it does not explain the product good enough.

Video builds trust

Trust is crucial to achieve conversions and sales. The main goal of content marketing is in building trust with your audience and creating long-term relationships. Stop selling and pushing your content but provide people with useful and interesting information! Video does it all! Video enforces engagement and touches emotions.

Google loves videos

Videos increase the spent time on your website, thus, the longer people are at your website, the most trust they have. That signals Google that your website has good content. The whopping statistics say that you are 53 times more likely to show up first in the google search if you have an embedded video on your website.

You can explain everything with a video

If you are launching a new service or a product, create a video to show what do you do. Statistics show that 98% of all users would prefer to watch an explanation video of a product or service. Subtitles in the video will help you to make your message stronger.

Videos can engage even the laziest buyer

Video can be an awesome tool for learning, but it can also be super easy to consume. Nowadays people have almost no time to read all the descriptions of the products or services. People want things fast and now! They also want to see the product or service in action and the immediate benefit of it. Video is the easiest way to show it to a customer. It can also capture a wide audience, even the laziest one.

Did I persuade you to start creating videos? If yes, then you also need to consider a platform to store all your videos, a video player to play your videos to other people. You can check out our jet-stream platform. We have also just released a new free video player (usually you have to pay for video players).

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