About Jet-Stream

Chances are you’ve already used our services by watching high performance video, television and listening to radio online. We deliver billions of streams globally, for the highest demanding customers. Our +20 years experience is at your disposal.

Jet-Stream offers a powerful streaming platform allowing broadcasters, enterprises, sports clubs and events to integrate complex workflows in minutes through our easy to use platform. We have licensed our unique technologies to the largest telecom operators in the world and have made our technology available as online services so anyone can enjoy our advanced features. Start small and conquer the world.

Thanks to our unique integrated MultiCDN technology, we offer the highest streaming capacity and performance globally, at competitive rates. You can stream with us, within the hour, globally. We deliver.


On November 4, 1994, we produced the world’s first webcast, broadcasting a rock concert. Even though we had just 4 viewers for a low quality video feed, the potential of video on the web became clear. We started producing webcasts for pop music festivals. In 1996 we actually overloaded the internet by the growing popularity of our video streams. It became our mission to scale the web for broadcasting. In 1997 we built the first CDN and since then we introduced many groundbreaking streaming and CDN technologies. Jet-Stream technologies are licensed to many telecom operators around the world. Many broadcast service providers rely on Jet-Stream for streaming knowledge, support, operational services and technologies.


Jet-Stream was Best CDN 2016 and Best CDN 2009 according to readers of Streaming Media Magazine. Year after year, Jet-Stream is in the Streaming Media Magazine list of 101 companies that are most inspiring, influential and innovative in online video. Check our awards here.

Go beyond CDNs and streaming platforms

Many players have entered the streaming media industry since its inception in the mid nineties. How does Jet-Stream go beyond Content Delivery Networks, Clouds, Streaming Platforms and Video Platforms? Compare us here.

Come fly with us

Are you looking for a great job in an informal yet ambitious and professional team Jet-Stream is a pioneer and innovator. We grow fast. We don’t just change our industry, we play a key role in how people consume television and video. We scale and professionalize the web for next generation video. That is our drive and ambition. We want you to have the same ambition. See if your stream dream job is available.

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