Jet-Stream Mix: you’re in control.

Create professional media workflows easier, smarter and more cost effective.

In control of your:
• Media
• Workflows
• Data
• Performance
• Quality
• Costs

Live streaming and video platform pipeline cloud.

Jet-Stream Mix is the winner of the 2022 Streaming Media Innovation Awards for best Cloud Workflow Solution.

Jet-Stream Mix

Stream your way.

Use the easiest, most intuitive web interface and a powerful API to orchestrate and automate your streaming workflow for radio, tv, podcasts, music and video.

Tune and mix.

The award-winning Jet-Stream Mix service lets you cherry pick and tune Jet-Stream Cloud applications, and integrate and mix with your own services.

Create your own flow.

Start fast and easy. Create and adapt your unique, professional streaming pipeline: total freedom, and full control.

Easy, smart, expert.

Build a streaming service in minutes (not months) that outperforms your competition in time, budget, uptime, quality, performance and features.

Easier than Wowza Video, Flowplayer, Mux Video, Vimeo, 3Q, Blue Billywig, JWP, JW Player, Brightcove, Kaltura. Click and stream. Click and publish.

Jet-Stream makes streaming easier, without making compromises in quality and performance. Start a 4K professional live stream in a single click. Publish your stream in a second click. There is no step 3. Professional transcoding, storage, streamingplayer, and real-time analytics; it’s done automatically for you.

Outsmart video platforms. Setup radio channels. Customize personal transcoding profiles to tune your image quality. Manage Multi CDN distribution to control ultimate streaming performance, per region. Manage security per video in real-time. Customize, design, and integrate the video player for a rich, immersive viewing experience. Deep dive into the analytics. Control quality, access, performance and appearance in the easiest and most intuitive streaming web interface, in just a few clicks.

Smarter than Wowza Video, Flowplayer, Mux Video, Vimeo, 3Q, Blue Billywig, JWP, JW Player, Brightcove, Kaltura. Tune transcoding, encoding, security, player, CDN and statistics.
More powerful than Wowza Video, Flowplayer, Mux Video, Vimeo, 3Q, Blue Billywig, JWP, JW Player, Brightcove, Kaltura. Integrate your own encoders, transcoders, origin servers, CDN algorithms, streaming performance monitors, video players and analytics services.

Create advanced streaming workflows in minutes, not months. Integrate your own live encoders, transcoders, and origin servers. Batch upload media. Manage users and rights. Integrate metrics and take full control over CDN distribution per viewer. Encrypt your streams, integrate custom players and analytics services. Build advanced streaming workflows, thanks to our powerful APIs and easy to use web interfaces. Streaming experts save time and money thanks to Jet Stream’s workflow automation and orchestration tools.

Easier than
video platforms.

Smarter than
cloud media services.

In control of your


What comes in, goes out.

You can send your live streams and upload your videos in the original qualities directly to Jet-Stream Cloud’s origins, and you can connect your own origin severs to Jet-Stream Cloud. Your content will be streamed in its original quality to your audiences, up to 8K adaptive live and on-demand streaming.

Ultra High Def transcoding.

Jet-Stream MaelStrom is an integrated professional live and on-demand transcoding service. You can personalize transcoding profiles up to 4K and tune for low latency or ultra high sports qualities.

4K and 8K streaming Jet-Stream
Best cloud for video streaming. AWS, Azure or Jet-Stream?

In control of your


Screaming fast.

Jet-Stream Cloud is a redundant, high performance infrastructure, architected and built from the ground up to accommodate the highest demanding live stream applications and workflows.

No virtualization.

All your streams and media processes run on bare-metal high performance servers. You can stream 360° VR video at 8K without a glitch, ready for the metaverse.

In Control brochure

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In control of your


Intelligent algorithms reduce streaming traffic costs up to 40%. Professional applications are bundled unlimited, for free. Jet-Stream’s intuitive portal, powerful workflow orchestration and automation tools dramatically reduce your internal operational costs. Build advanced streaming workflows in minutes, not months.

Read more about Total Cost of Ownership.

Streaming cost management.
Privacy and data protection. US owned clouds such as Cloudfront, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Cloudflare cannot guarantee GDPR compliancy.

In control of your



Jet Stream BV is a private limited company in the Netherlands, without any foreign ties.

EU Cloud.

All your media and data are on Jet-Stream Cloud, which is hosted in the EU, without the use of any foreign services.

Data protection.

Share your creativity, not your data. Jet-Stream actively protects your media and your data in our secure cloud. We actively shield personal data and secure your media.

Read more about data protection.

Video platform pipeline.
Streaming workflow orchestration and automation cloud

Jet-Stream Cloud
Your broadcast grade streaming platform

Jet-Stream Cloud
Your broadcast grade streaming platform


Learn more about Jet-Stream’s advanced and easy to use streaming platform, with full control over quality, distribution, playback, security and data.

Benefits for you

Learn how Jet-Stream helps you generate revenues and helps you manage time and costs. At the same time Jet-Stream protects your business interests, your data and the planet.


Build advanced streaming workflows in minutes that fit your use case, not the other way around. Mix Jet-Stream applications with your own services and create your own flow.


Watch demo videos and learn how easy Jet-Stream works for you. Read example cases of various customers, and read our blogs and listen to podcasts to learn.