Event streaming

Event streaming

• Provide the best user experience possible
• Achieve broadcast-grade quality
• Engage with people across the globe
• Keep your data 100% secure

Love live

Nothing comes closer to a real-life event than a live stream of that event. Hybrid events are becoming very popular: you can reach (or monetize) a global audience. Whether it is your congress, your music festival, or a live surgery, you want it to be broadcast at the highest possible quality, with the best user experience possible.

love live stream of music event

Your strategic streaming partner

Jet-Stream invented live streaming. With 30 years of experience and a powerful streaming cloud, Jet-Stream is the partner of choice for livestreaming of your event. We make professional streaming easy, and we are here to support your team to guarantee a successful broadcast.

There are only three companies that worked with Eurovision Song Contest for consecutive years, the collaboration between Let’s Get Digital and Jet-Stream is part of that.

uninterrupted event streaming

Сonfidence above all

When it comes to reliability in live event streaming, Jet-Stream is the best choice. We offer a “glass-to-glass” live event streaming service to ensure that the production of your event runs smoothly. Our experienced team is always available to ensure uninterrupted streaming and help with any technical issues. Choosing Jet-Stream means avoiding the risk of streaming failures and having a reliable partner to support your live event. We help you set up and test encoding, transcoding, streaming and publishing, and we can monitor your event proactively.

The broadcast grade live event streaming platform

Jet-Stream Cloud was designed to meet the highest standards for live event streaming, with ultimate resilience, scale, and performance. Redundant encoding, redundant transcoding, active load balancing, mid-stream multi-CDN switching and 9 integrated global CDNs guarantee performance, scale, and the best user experience with 99.999% uptime.

Live event cases

The Eurovision Song Contest is streamed by Jet-Stream because of high-quality encoding, global capacity and scale, outstanding uptime, and performance, in combination with great security technologies.

EDPS, Europe’s Data Protection Supervisor streams its conferences via Jet-Stream Cloud because it is the streaming platform that guarantees data protection, both technically and legally.

MedVC broadcasts live surgeries in ultra-high quality on Jet-Stream Cloud, since they can fully control the quality of the images, and Jet-Stream guarantees access protection of the streams which of course cannot be publicly shared due to privacy concerns.

Ajax is a top-league football club and only wants to work with top-league partners. Streaming is a top sport and needs to perform 24*7. Ajax broadcasts football matches and events live on Jet-Stream Cloud, next to hosting their videos and radio stations on Jet-Stream Cloud too. 

Provide you viewers with a high-quality live event

Quality means engagement

The better the quality and reliability of your streams, the higher the engagement of your audience. Jet-Stream Cloud guarantees low latency, high quality and performing streams across the globe, up to 4K, 360° VR, and even 8K quality. You are in full control over qualities. If image quality should be uncompromised, Jet-Stream Cloud can pass through your original stream to your audience, in its pristine unaltered quality.

Livestream your event worldwide

Global availability is an essential aspect of reaching a wide audience and expanding the market for your products. Our commitment to global availability is backed by 9 Content Delivery Networks that ensure fast and reliable access to your live stream from anywhere in the world, including domestic capacity within mainland China. So, if you’re looking to expand your market and make a profit from that, Jet-Stream is what you need.

global availability for your event streams

OnAir: easy and intuitive

Professional streaming never was this easy. Start a broadcast, publish the stream, and you’re done. There is no step 3. OnAir 4K is a professional live encoder in your browser. Zero install, zero configuration.

Live stream your event in 2 steps with OnAir 4K

Your own encoders

Prefer to connect your own hardware or software encoders? Jet-Stream Cloud supports many protocols including Webdav, HTTP, RTMP, SRT, RTSP and icecast to send your high-quality streams to our platform. Yes, audio streaming is built-in too, including multi language, surround and lossless audio.

Immersive video experience

The free and unlimited, bundled video player can be fully customized in just a few clicks. Create an integrated branded experience by customizing the play button, poster image, and the colors of the player.

Multi language

Whether you want to stream your event live with multiple language audio streams, or insert real-time subtitles, do you need AI or human live subtitling? Jet-Stream has you covered.

Great webcast features

Multiple streams, DVR, live to vod recording, real-time transcoding to adaptive bit rates, performance monitoring and real-time statistics help you offer a professional livestream, with great insights in popularity, geographies, devices and engagement.

100% data protection

We believe that data protection is an absolute priority for all businesses. That’s why your data is protected to the highest standards possible in our secure Jet-Stream Cloud which is European-owned and hosted. With our platform being audited by EDPS, you can rest assured that we are fully compliant with all relevant data protection regulations. By choosing Jet-Stream, you can safeguard your business interests, your data, and your audience. Have peace of mind and focus on what you do best: providing high-quality content to your audiences.

EDPS live streamed their event with Jet-Stream
secure streams with jet-stream

What about security?

Video platforms often have weak security measures, leaving your content vulnerable to unauthorized access or downloading. With Jet-Stream, you can secure individual videos and livestreams with password protection, restrict access by geographic location, and control viewing requests through URL signing. These features are strictly enforced and can be automated for a scalable and secure video service. With Jet-Stream, you have complete control over who can access your streams, providing you with the protection your content needs.

Jet-Stream USPs for events:

  1. Event hotline: pro webcast advice and support from the experts.
  2. The easiest and most intuitive event live streaming service.
  3. A broadcast grade streaming platform.
  4. True global reach including domestic China and the Middle East.
  5. Extreme performance, uptime, and scale.
  6. Professional live encoders support with redundant sources.
  7. Pass-through UHQ streaming or tune high-quality transcoding profiles.
  8. Security: geo fencing, managing access per request, deep-linking enforcement.
  9. Cost-effective: competitively priced, transparent rates, pay per minute.
  10. Data protection: protect your streams, protect your audience, protect your business.