Jet-Stream OTT

A premium OTT service at a breakthrough price point. Turn viewers into profit with your own branded OTT platform.

– Monetize Live & VOD content.
– Sales funnel optimisation.
– Marketing tools integrations.
– Brandable and customisable.
– CMS and API.

– 4K, HDR, Atmos, Dolby Digital, DRM.
– Multilingual video, audio tracks and subtitles.
– Reach global audiences via 8 CDNs.

Launch Your Professional OTT Platform

With Jet-Stream OTT you create your own professional video streaming platform with live and on-demand content. Reach audiences worldwide, offer multi-language audio and video subtitles and deliver your content seamlessly across any device, from smartphones to smart TVs. All that without breaking the bank!

Go Beyond VOD

Jet-Stream OTT supports live streams, live channels, podcasts and VOD (Video on Demand). Go beyond Netflix by broadcasting live events, creating dedicated live channels or sharing pre-recorded media – all on one platform! Plus, have full control over bit rates and qualities up to 4K HDR.

Wide content support for your ott video platform.

Free, Ad-supported, Login, or Pay-Per-View? You Decide. 

For each piece of content, you have complete control over access. Offer free-to-air content to build a wider audience, offer ad-supported tiers, create exclusive content behind a login wall, or generate revenue with pay-per-view, rental, subscription, voucher and credit options. 

Reach Everyone, Everywhere            

Plays Everywhere

No matter the screen, your content is accessible. Our integrated web portal, smart tv and mobile apps (iOS, Android, LG, and Samsung) ensure seamless access from phones to living room TVs.

Global Coverage

Reach all markets across the globe, including China, Middle-East, Eastern Europe, Africa, the EU, USA, Latin America, Asia and Oceania with 99,9996% uptime and high performance, even during peak loads, thanks to the integration of 8 global and geo optimised CDNs.


Deliver a truly global and personal experience for your viewers with integrated multi-language video, multi-language audio tracks and multi-lingual subtitling. Surround sound and Dolby Atmos support are included too.

AI Translation & Subtitling

Break down language barriers by automatically subtitling your live streams and videos into dozens of languages in real-time. Choose from AI services, interpreters, hybrid translations and synchronisation.

Turn Your Audience into Profit

Tailor monetization per title

Decide how you want to earn. Choose from a comprehensive range of monetization options including free ad-supported streaming TV, ad-supported VOD, pay-per-view, subscription VOD, and even voucher systems. Decide the perfect revenue stream for each title and stream you offer.

Maximise ad revenues

Generate revenue from your content even if viewers haven’t provided cookie consent. Jet-Stream OTT’s built-in contextual advertising system analyzes video content and automatically suggests relevant IAB categories and keywords for targeted ads. All in a privacy-friendly way.

ott video platform monetization. Business models. Revenue generation.

ott analytics

Make Data-Driven Decisions 

Gain valuable insights into viewer behavior with Jet-Stream OTT’s detailed analytics. Track consumption patterns, content performance, and revenue streams. Use this data to optimize your offerings, tailor content strategies, and maximize your return on investment.

Design Your Dream OTT Platform

Take complete control over the look and feel of your OTT video platform with Jet-Stream OTT’s extensive customization options:

  • Design branded portals and apps that perfectly reflect your brand identity.  
  • Customize menus, pages, and building blocks to create a user experience tailored to your audience. 
  • Connect your platform with external services and functionalities thanks to API integrations.

Learn how to develop a successful OTT platform website

Customisable design for your ott video platform.

Launch Faster.
Operate Cheaper.

Our platform’s pre-built, tested components mean you can deploy your service quickly, with minimal upfront investment and reduced technical risk. Automated workflows for content management streamline the entire process, giving you full control and a faster path to market. 

Over 150 professional content creators and
operators are already using this service.

Everything You Need Included

Media Content Management System

Easily upload, organize, and manage your content library.

Wide Device Compatibility

Make your platform available on Smart TVs, smart phone apps and web portal.

User Management System

Create accounts, track viewer data, and personalize the user experience.

User-Friendly UI & API

Easily integrate third-party services, expanding platform functionality.

Secure Payment System

Safely handle subscriptions and rentals for a smooth revenue stream.

Detailed Analytics

Gain valuable insights into viewers behavior to optimize content and marketing strategies.

Custom Web Portal

Design uniform branded portals and apps that reflect your brand identity and showcase your content.

Marketing Integrations

Use funnel management, lead conversion, email marketing integrations to attract and convert your audience.

User Engagement Tools

Design custom signup flows and tailor email automation to onboard new viewers and keep them coming back for more.

What makes Jet-Stream OTT so unique?