Airflow Multi CDN.

• 40% cost reduction
• Extreme uptime
• Largest global capacity
• Eight integrated CDN’s
• Automated content steering
• Full control

Jet-Stream Multi CDN. Reduce streaming traffic costs. Increase streaming uptime and performance.

40% traffic cost reduction.

Intelligent algorithms select the cheapest global distribution path per viewer, while guaranteeing uptime and performance, reducing streaming traffic costs up to 40%.

99.999% uptime.

Imagine that your CDN fails during your mission critical live event. Jet-Stream Cloud is engineered for broadcast grade availability. Active monitors and active load balancers route individual stream requests to the most optimal CDN through content steering, even mid-stream.

Streaming service uptime.

8 Integrated Content Delivery Networks.

Jet-Stream Cloud includes Jet-Stream CDN, Europe’s high performance streaming content delivery network, built for 8K.

In addition, 7 global Content Delivery Networks are fully integrated. Each of them has their own benefits in geographies, performance, data protection, security and pricing.

Monitoring, active load balancing, content steering, access control, flushing and log processing are fully automated thanks to deep Multi CDN integration. So you’re in control.

“Airflow Multi CDN saves costs and improves uptime. It’s integrated and free.”

Stef van der Ziel, founder

Fly above the clouds.


Automated content steering.

Each view request is analyzed in a millisecond. Jet-Stream automatically sends it to the most optimal CDN, even mid-stream, guaranteeing availability and performance at the lowest possible distribution price.


Thanks to deep API integration with each CDN for cache flushing, log processing, monitoring and access control, all advanced Jet-Stream Cloud features work regardless the dynamic mix of underlying CDNs.



Each CDN has its pros and cons in capacity, geographies, performance, security, data protection and price. For each use case and for each account we can set up a bespoke mix of CDNs in minutes.

Manage distribution.

In a single click, you can override the automatic algorithms, and manage per video and per stream, in real-time which mix of CDNs is being used geographically. Watch this demo video how easy it is to manage CDN distribution.


Take control.

Are you measuring CDN performance yourself? Use the API to load balancers viewers to specific edges and CDNs, per video, per stream. Jet-Stream Cloud is the origin shield between the CDNs and your origins.

Bespoke Multi CDN.

Do you have your own CDN contracts? Or would you like to have dedicated and private edge servers? No worries, they can be added to the Airflow Mix of CDNs too. We can host your edges and we can deploy remote edges on your cloud stack too.

Streaming for Ajax

“Ajax works with premier league partners,
Jet-Stream is the obvious choice.”

Stream via multiple CDNs.
Broadpeak Lumen NPAW Multi CDN alternative.
Multi CDN switching. Multi CDN load balancer. CDN orchestrator.