In control of your costs.

How Jet-Stream reduces your TCO:
• Unified platform
• Smart algorithms.
• Free pro apps.
• Transparent rates.
• Operational cost reduction.

Compare streaming pricing. Compare video platform pricing. JWP pricing. Kaltura pricing. IBM video pricing. Blue Billywig pricing. Mux video pricing. Wowza Video pricing. Flowplayer pricing. Brightcove pricing.

What is TCO?

Total Cost of Ownership is the sum of all lifetime costs to operate your streaming service, including your project hours and operational hours.

Jet-Stream helps you to reduce your out-of-pocket costs, and to reduce your internal operational costs.

In control of media platform costs.

It’s hard to compare apples with oranges. Do you prefer pay-as-you-go, buy bundles or pay per minute?

Jet-Stream is a unified platform for podcasts, music, radio, video and live tv. This saves you tremendous time, money and operational headaches compared to working with silo platforms per medium.

Research showed that European professional streaming users prefer packages with bundles over cloud pay-as you-go models, and over the pay-per-minute or pay-per-play business models of video platforms.

Jet-Stream offers Basic, Pro, Enterprise, and Broadcaster plans at just cents per minute. Each plan comes with free bundles for storage, traffic and transcoding.

Each plan offers the easiest and professional tools, often with unlimited use, high quality streaming, full control over your workflows, industry-leading performance, and the best data protection. That’s a great deal.

There’s a Jet-Stream package for everyone. You can start small and seamlessly grow along with your business, without any migration costs and headaches.

Video platforms purchase from third party clouds. That’s twice the margin. Jet-Stream runs it’s own cloud, this saves you money.

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Low Cost Streaming. CDN streaming traffic prices. In control of your TCO.
Cheap cloud CDN for streaming.

In control of your traffic costs.

Each Jet-stream plan comes with a monthly traffic bundle. You can upgrade to larger plans at any time. Extra traffic is competitively priced. The more you stream, the less you pay per GB.  

Jet-Stream Cloud includes Airflow, the most advanced multi-CDN engine in the industry.

Intelligent algorithms select the cheapest distribution path per viewer, reducing global streaming traffic costs up to 40%, while guaranteeing global scale, uptime and performance.

You can take full control over which stream is distributed via which CDN, geographically, to manage performance, capacity and costs. You can bring your own CDN contracts, and add these to the mix of Jet-Stream contracts.

With Jet-Stream you have full control over traffic costs, that’s a great deal. Airflow multi-CDN is included for free with Jet-Stream Pro and larger plans. Imagine the time and costs you save, if you had to contract, integrate, monitor, and load balance multiple CDNs yourself.

Learn more about Airflow Multi-CDN.

In control of your storage costs.

Each Jet-Stream plan comes with a storage bundle. You can upgrade at any time. Extra storage is competitively priced.

Jet-Stream Cloud stores all your media at least 4x redundant on its 8K ultra high-performance storage. Viral content is automatically propagated to extra tiers, with memory-based storage. That’s a great deal for the price per GB. 

With larger plans, you can connect multiple remote origins to your Jet-Stream account, so you can store your media yourself as well, giving you full control whether you want to host your media yourself, or with Jet-Stream, or in a mix. That’s a great deal.

Learn more about Jet-Stream Cloud.

Streaming storage pricing. Storage TCO.

Shortest GTM:
create advanced workflows in minutes, not months

Transcoding costs. Encoding pricing. Low TCO.

In control of your transcoding costs.

The built-in Maelstrom transcoding service is competitively priced, per minute. You don’t have to reserve live transcoding capacity. For 24/7 channels, the price is automatically capped.

Per stream and per video you decide yourself to which qualities you want to transcode. You can create custom profiles and manage an optimal balance between quality and costs.

Do you operate your own transcoding service? You can directly upstream and upload to Jet-Stream Origin servers, and save on external transcoding costs, since uploading and upstreaming is free of charge with Jet-Stream.

You have full control over transcoding costs and the required storage and traffic, and their associated costs. That’s a great deal.

Learn more about transcoding.

In control of your internal operational costs.

Are you comparing plans and traffic prices? Comparing apples and oranges can be hard. And that’s not the entire story.

Don’t underestimate your internal operational costs. These costs can be higher than out-of-pocket costs for a cloud or video platform. 

Imagine the time and costs to migrate from a video platform to another platform if you get stuck in a fixed, blackbox workflow.

Imagine the time and costs if you have to manage multiple workflows in separate platforms.

Imagine the time and costs if you had to build and operate advanced workflows on cloud media services. Jet-Stream slashes all these costs and headaches.

Jet-Stream offers the easiest tools and interfaces, an open architecture, and great automation and orchestration tools that lets you create future proof, advanced and automated workflows in minutes, not months.

Mix Jet-Stream tools with your own services and create the most cost-effective workflow possible. Create your own flow.

Learn more about Jet-Stream Mix.

Easy Smart Expert with Jet-Stream. Reduce operational costs compared to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, JWP, JW Player, Brightcove, Vimeo, Blue Billywig, Wowza Video, Mux.
Customer satisfaction Jet-Stream. What is the best streaming platform? Video platform rating.

In control of your SLA costs.

Jet-Stream Cloud is easy to use, and you can automate everything. You do not need a support SLA. Our team of experts is praised by our customers for speed and knowledge. This saves time, and money. It’s up to you to choose between Silver, Gold, and Platinum support plans. You’re in full control of your support costs.

Learn more about support.

What is the best video platform?

In control of your player costs.

Building your own video player or licensing a 3rd video player can become expensive.

Privacy Player was developed together with our most demanding customers. The player is bundled for free, with unlimited use. Don’t pay to play. 

Privacy Player Pro includes contextual video advertising. It helps video platforms to maintain and grow their CPM value, and it’s free. It does not eat into your CPM margins. That is a great deal.

Learn more about Privacy Player.

Jet-Stream Privacy Player Pro. HTML5 video player. Branded video. Free video player. Interactive video. JW Player, Agnoplay, Theo player.
Secure video player.

Having your data safe is priceless.

Paying for a service that could share or sell your data is never a good deal. Your entire business is in logs: your market share, your customers, your most popular titles, your advertisers. Can you take the risk that you could be competed with your own data? What are the costs of that scenario?

What are the costs if your image gets hurt because you shared personal data of your audience? What are the risks of sharing personal data, in violation of European legislation?

To protect your business, and the privacy of your audience, all media and data is stored and processed in the secure Jet-Stream Cloud. Your data is yours. We never share your data; we don’t claim ownership either. Your business interests are protected, and you are streaming 100% GDPR proof.

That is a great deal. Learn more about data protection.

The best video platforms.
Award winning video platform.
Wowza vs Mux vs Jet-Stream. Cheaper traffic. Cheaper storage.

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