online video platform

Online Video Platform.

• Easy & open VMS
• Up to 4K, 8K, 360° VR
• Interactive features
• Dynamic branding
• Pro HTML5 video player
• Video monetization
• Adaptive streaming
• Global Multi CDN
• Pro analytics

Online Video Platform

Build a successful video strategy in minutes, not months. Video engages, it drives leads, sales and revenues. Video is no longer an add-on service: for many it is strategic to the core.

Jet-Stream is your strategic partner, our online video hosting platform (OVP) is designed to meet the highest demands of the modern video industry. It provides an easy-to-use Video Management System (VMS), goes beyond regular video platforms with 4K and 8K true adaptive bit rate streaming, Multi CDN support, an open architecture, great video applications and workflow automation & orchestration tools to make life easier, smarter and more expert.

Video monetisation

Introduce video monetisation options such as OTT subscriptions (SVOD), pay-per-view (PVOD), and advertising (AVOD) to help you generate revenue from your videos, with powerful protection and encryption technologies and innovative VAST advertisement services to increase ad revenues and offer competitive services.

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Easy VMS

With the built-in video content management system, you can manage your entire video library of millions of titles and their metadata with ease. Organise your content to make it easily accessible to your audience. Manage, secure, publish and share content in real-time.

Open VMS and CMS architecture

Don’t get locked in. You can integrate any 3rd party VMS and CMS services too, to create professional, automated workflows for numerous titles with users and rights for multiple editors and content contributors, each with their own backend and frontend systems.

4K, 8K, HDR, Dolby Atmos true streaming

Take the competitive advantage by offering up to 4K, 8K, HDR and 360° VR true adaptive bit rate streaming video delivery with support for Dolby Atmos to your audiences, with global smooth and seamless playback on any device. High-quality transcoding, adaptive streaming origin services and advanced online video solutions guarantee fast processing and high-quality, reliable video delivery with the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) for your viewers.

multi language online video platform


The European market requires you to offer your content in multiple languages, either through dubbing or subtitling. Jet-Stream fully supports multi-language video delivery, through industry standards. We offer integrations for automated AI transcribing and subtitling too.

Dynamic branding

The built-in Pro HTML5 video player technology offers dynamic branding capabilities. You can customize the look and feel of your videos to match your brand, ensuring a consistent and immersive user experience for your audiences and brand consistency per title. Unlike other video platforms, the professional player is bundled for free, unlimited. And since there are no platform dependencies on the player by design, you can freely extend your service to smart TV players, without the need for deep integrations or degradation of service. That’s smart.

Interactive video

Built-in interactive video capabilities and an easy player API allow you to create engaging, interactive video experiences for your audience. From creating custom controls and content syncing to adding quizzes and polls, including links and calls-to-action, our platform gives you the tools you need to create truly immersive video content.

Reduce operational load and costs

Implementing and operating a professional video service can be time-consuming. We have designed our cloud video platform to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Drag and drop, click to stream live, click advanced workflows and get real-time control and insights. And automate and integrate. Our platform offers an easy-to-use, efficient, scalable and automated solution that helps you reduce costs and time while offering competitive high-quality video delivery.

jet-stream cloud versus video platform

Read more about the Total Cost of Ownership.

Easy, Smart, Expert philosophy

Mix: you’re in control

Online video platforms tend to dictate a black-box workflow. You will hit a wall. The award-winning open architecture of Jet-Stream means that you have the flexibility to tune each step in the workflow and integrate with any third-party tools or services, allowing you to customise and optimise your video solutions beyond regular online video platforms, to meet your specific needs and get a competitive edge.

Global performance and uptime

Our video distribution platform with integrated Multi-CDN support ensures that your videos are delivered quickly and efficiently, no matter where your audience is located. With multiple CDN partners, you can rest assured that your videos will reach your audience with lightning-fast speed worldwide, with the highest content availability in our industry, to millions and millions.

streaming performance chart

Pro analytics

With reliable advanced analytics, you can track and measure the performance of your video content, gaining valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t. This allows you to make informed decisions and continually improve your video strategy. The data is 100% accurate and processed in real-time inside our own secure cloud.

Data protection

At Jet-Stream, we take data protection seriously. When you choose us, you can trust that your sensitive information is secure and in compliance with the strictest European laws. We understand the importance of safeguarding your business interests and do everything in our power to protect your data in our secure cloud.

data protection

Green Energy

We believe that streaming can have a positive impact on the world. That’s why we use only green energy for all our services, including transcoding, streaming, storage, and analytics. Not in 2030, but today. We’ve committed to making a difference and operating in an environmentally-friendly way, setting a standard for sustainable streaming.

Learn more about green streaming.

Online Video Platform,
your way.

Online video is complex. Imagine the costs and time to build a full video streaming stack yourself. Online video platforms try to make life easier. By doing so they filter away your access to important quality, performance, distribution, and publishing controls. They lock you into an all in one blackbox workflow. And then you get stuck.

Jet-Stream has 30 years experience with creating advanced video hosting solutions and workflows for leading customers. This experience was used to create Jet-Stream Cloud, a premier video content distribution and orchestration platform.

With Jet-Stream, you’re able to tune, mix and match Jet-Stream and external video workflow components to match your needs. Start small, go easy, go smart, go expert.

The result: an easier, more flexible online video platform that follows your workflows, never dictates. Better video quality, better performance, better uptime, reduced operational load, reduced costs, less headaches. You’re in full control.