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Radio streaming.

Tune into the best performing radio streaming platform:

• Monetize your radio streams and audio files
• Reach an audience of millions
• Offer the best streaming experience

Radio is magic

It speaks to the imagination. People visualize what they hear, audio sparks their creativity. Streaming radio has more benefits: it’s low bandwidth and low cost. People tend to listen to the radio much longer than they watch videos or television.

A bright future for radio streaming

The future of radio has never been brighter, thanks to the internet. You can create a diversified range of internet radio stations at a very low cost. Internet radio streaming is also beginning to grow in popularity among publishers and businesses.

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Radio, built-in

Jet-Stream Cloud is a unified streaming platform that integrates live radio streaming, tv streaming, video hosting and podcast hosting. No more separate platforms to manage your entire media distribution, this saves a lot of headaches, time, and money.

Broadcast grade radio streaming

If live radio streams fail, or when the quality is poor, your audience will instantly switch away to any of your competitors who are trying to reach the same ears. To ensure the highest quality audio and best-performing streams at broadcast grade, we developed Jet-Stream Cloud.

Icecast, HLS, DASH, AAC, MP3, FLAC, Surround

Jet-Stream Cloud includes support for Icecast and AAC streaming, multi-track streaming, lossless audio and surround sound. Automatic channel recording is possible too.

“We shopped high and low for a new streaming partner for SmartRadio, our radio-as-a-service solution. You guys are a HUGE step up in terms of tech, speedy service and reliability!”

Radio streaming monetization

Monetization of radio streaming has become increasingly important as traditional radio audiences migrate to online platforms.


A benefit of online radio is the ability to target listeners. However, this advertising relies on collecting data on listeners, which is increasingly being blocked due to privacy concerns. Therefore, Jet-Stream offers Contextual Advertising as a solution. It uses data on the content being streamed, and the listeners’ environment, to serve relevant and engaging ads. This provides you with a higher return.


To reach the largest audience possible, internet radio streaming enables you to serve the world, greatly expanding your potential reach. Jet-Stream Cloud is integrated with 8 global CDNs so your channels are delivered at the highest quality to every continent. With the support of HLS, DASH and Icecast streaming, you can reach any device out there.

Visual radio

Audiences love visual radio. This can be a webcam in your studio, visual ambience footage, or video clips. Jet-Stream Cloud offers unified support for radio, podcasts, webcams, live tv streams and video clip channels, increasing reach, and visual advertising opportunities. Thanks to our integrations with partners such as Triton Digital, we make sure that your visual audiences are measured too.


Visual radio enables functions such as interactive call-to-actions, enabling commercial offerings to your audiences. Think of ‘sign up for a free membership with exclusive offerings’, ‘win tickets for this festival’, ‘buy this album’, ‘buy tickets for this concert’, ‘buy this product from this advertiser’.

TCO reduction

Jet-Stream Cloud reduces your radio live streaming total costs of ownership:

  • Competitive prices for traffic, storage, and transcoding
  • Workflow orchestration & automation to reduce implementation and operational costs
  • No charge per CPM for advertised media
  • Unlimited and free built-in applications including player, security & analytics
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Data protection

Imagine the damage to your company if your entire data set about your market, your audience, best performing media, and advertisers ends up in the hands of your competitors. We actively protect your media, your logs, and analytics in our secure cloud.

Jet-Stream USPs for radio streaming:

  1. Workflow orchestration and automation: flexible, easy, fast and controlled.
  2. Reliability of the live radio streams: always up, always performing.
  3. Integrated support for visual radio.
  4. Quality: full control over the quality of radio streams and music streams.
  5. Easy to integrate with CMS and portals and apps.
  6. Reliable analytics for measuring audience engagement and collecting data.
  7. Security: geo fence per title, manage access per request, deep-linking enforcement.
  8. Scale and extreme uptime thanks to Multi CDN.
  9. Cost-effective: competitively priced, transparent rates, easy to build a business case.
  10. Expert support: fast response of knowledgeable team. A partner instead of a vendor.
  11. Unlimited and free advertising support built-in saves on player CPM costs.