MaelStrom OTT

Ultra-dense scalable OTT streaming transcoder, transmuxer, and edge cache appliance for media control rooms, telcos, enterprises, hotels, compounds and remote locations.

Unique selling points of Deep Edge OTT

The mighty OTT transcoder in a small package

Jet-Stream MaelStrom OTT converts up to 80 Full HD television channels to high-quality adaptive OTT HLS and DASH video streams within just a 1U chassis using only a few watts per channel.

> 80 Full HD channels • Up to 4K • >10.000 viewers

You no longer need to invest in expensive and bulky hardware and encoder licenses to deliver live OTT streaming channels. MaelStrom OTT is an all-in-one solution for transcoding, transmuxing and edge caching.

Deep Edge OTT server

Easy installation

MaelStrom OTT is a plug-and-play appliance:

  1. Switch on.
  2. Configure the channels.
  3. You are live.

The built-in portal automatically publishes your streams. 

MaelStrom OTT installation
MaelStrom OTT operation

Easy operation

MaelStrom OTT offers an intuitive web interface that empowers you to effortlessly craft, arrange, and instantly preview channels. You can also keep track of the real-time status and well-being of your streams.

Easy tuning

Choose the transcoding profile for each channel individually. Additionally, you have the option to create custom transcoding profiles that support multi-bitrate adaptive streams in both HLS and DASH, using either TS or CMAF as the format.

Tuning with MaelStrom OTT
Monitoring your performance with MaelStrom OTT.

Easy monitoring

View all essential performance metrics at a glance on a single screen. Keep an eye on server load, transcode capacity per accelerator, channel uptime, and output data load per channel. Take advantage of the integrated API for easy management and automation.

Real-world use cases

1. Remote areas with network-limited internet

Jet-Stream MaelStrom OTT is an excellent choice for remote areas such as gated communities and compounds. It converts cable and satellite signals to high quality adaptive bit rate internet streams. By leveraging the built-in edge cache, it can serve thousands of viewers without the need for backhaul internet connectivity, thereby reducing the strain on the network and improving the viewing experience for users. If more viewers are required, additional MaelStrom servers can automatically be clustered, or CDNs can be used.

2. Hotels, offices, hospitals

Deliver high quality on-net live television to guests, employees and patients at the highest quality, without impacting your internet connection. MaelStrom OTT takes cable or satellite sources and creates adaptive OTT HLS and DASH streams. It delivers these channels on-net to your audiences. It operates autonomously and independently. You can centrally manage multiple sites through remote and automated configuration, so it saves on operational costs. At just a few watts per channel, MaelStrom OTT is the greenest and best cost-saving solution.

3. Television head-ends

MaelStrom OTT is the solution for television head-ends by acting as a transcoder and transmuxer, facilitating the conversion of various input formats like TS, SRT, RTMP, RTSP, MPEG2, and MPEG4 to adaptive OTT HLS and DASH video streams up to 4K quality. By stacking MaelStrom OTT, you can easily scale channels and viewers, while also building high-availability services through built-in clustering. Moreover, by reducing the need for bulky server hardware and encoder/transcoder licenses, our technology saves up to 72% of investment costs and 89% of energy costs. The built-in edge cache can be used to serve directly to ten thousand of viewers or acts as an origin for CDNs.

ASICs powered.

Jet-Stream MaelStrom OTT appliance is transcoder ASICs accelerated so you can achieve a 20x higher video conversion efficiency compared to software on CPUs. This means reducing your operational cost and your CO2 footprint up to 89% by an order of magnitude.

Modern software stack.

The  built-in Jet-Stream Maelstrom high quality transcoding software gives full flexibility in encoding tuning, for example to manage multi bit rate transcoding in various profiles per individual channel, up to 4K, H.264 and H.265. AV1 encoding support is optional.

K3S architecture.

The modern Kubernetes and container architecture is designed for production workloads in unattended, resource-constrained, remote locations and allow for automated deployment, scaling, recovery, orchestration which result in autonomous operation and reduced operational load and costs.

Isolated, robust transcoding

Each channel is transcoded and transmuxed in an isolated container. Affected processes are restarted instantly and automatically, without interrupting the processes and the streams, guaranteeing extreme high availability.

Stream smarter, not harder

We understand how challenging it can be to manage streaming services across different sites. But that no longer should be a problem for you. With MaelStrom OTT, you can easily manage and monitor your streaming appliances and clusters remotely, saving time and reducing the workload on your staff. Moreover, central operation, monitoring, and maintenance are more convenient if you use Jet-Stream Cloud for that. And with autonomous backup capabilities that ensure that your stream will never falter, you can finally have a sigh of relief.

Ultimate streaming solution

With support for RTSP, RTMP, TS, SRT, HLS, and DASH, configuring multiple sources as channels has never been easier. Each channel is processed in an isolated container, optimized by hardware decoding and encoding, and transmuxed into both HLS and DASH streams. Plus, with the built-in preview player, you can test and analyze your streams with ease. And with the ability to serve up to 10,000 concurrent streams and configure it as an origin for third-party CDNs, MaelStrom OTT is the only streaming solution you’ll ever need.

MaelStrom OTT - Channel preview

MaelStrom OTT brochure

Request the MaelStrom OTT brochure and get a detailed overview of the product specifications and its advantages compared to other products in the market.

Extreme cost reduction

MaelStrom OTT offers the perfect balance of advanced hardware and software to deliver unbeatable reliability and versatility, all while maintaining a cost-effective approach. With hardware accelerated transcoding, our technology can dramatically reduce investment costs by 72% compared to traditional CPU based encoding. Not only does this save you money, but it also reduces your physical footprint by a factor of 5 and your energy consumption by a whopping 89%. Save on space, equipment, and energy bills without compromising on the quality of your content.

Reduce your operational with MaelStrom OTT.

Accelerate local streaming

MaelStrom OTT acts as a local edge for both internal streaming channels and Jet-Stream Cloud’s live and VOD streaming Cloud and CDN services. Link your Deep Edge or cluster to an IP-address, IP-range, AS-number, country, or continent to direct local requests from various sources to the local edge cache. And with the ability to add multiple backup global CDNs, you can ensure scale, availability, and performance while managing costs.

Deep Edge OTT - local edge
Deep Edge OTT analytics

Instant streaming insights

MaelStrom OTT streams access logs in real time to Jet-Stream Cloud, where the data is presented in an easy-to-use dashboard. Analyze data on the most popular channels, average viewing time, devices, and geographies, all in real-time or for specific periods ranging from daily to yearly. You can even view data per site or for all sites, giving you a comprehensive overview of your streaming performance.