Multilingual streaming

• Say adiós to language barriers
• Cater to diverse viewers
• Expand your reach
• Improve your SEO

Reach global audiences

Translating your videos and streams to multiple languages instantly scales your potential audience from millions to billions. Having subtitles and audio tracks in multiple languages is a no-brainer for anyone seeking to expand their reach. 

Breakthroughs in multi language streaming

Most video platforms offer limited support for multi language subtitling and multi-language audio tracks, and translation costs used to be quite expensive. Jet-Stream Cloud was built from the ground up for multi-language support. Thanks to great partnerships with AI experts, costs for translation – both in text and audio – have dropped dramatically.

Accessibility for All

Changing viewer habits show that over 80% of video content is consumed without sound. The world is diverse, and so is your audience. With 5% of the global population being deaf or hard of hearing, accessibility to content is more important than ever. And as accessibility standards like WCAG become more stringent, it’s time to adapt.

Multi text and multi voice

Jet-Stream Cloud offers audio-to-text, and seamless audio translations. By integrating automated translation, subtitling, and narrative services, we ensure cost-effective solutions that let you reuse and scale your content to meet the diverse needs of your audience.

Multi Audio Languages Tracks for Live and VOD streaming

Imagine delivering live streams and videos with dozens multiple audio channels. Our platform ensures that your content reaches audiences worldwide on any platform or device, in their native language.

Multi Language Subtitling for Live and VOD streaming

Imagine being able to realtime translate and subtitle your content to dozens of international languages. Jet-Stream Cloud supports the most popular subtitling technologies to ensure that anyone can read your content in their own language.

Multi Vendor AI Captioning

Enhance the quality of your live streams, and videos with AI-driven closed captions that boast impeccable precision. What’s more, these captions can be automatically translated into numerous languages, further enhancing accessibility and reach. 

Multiaudio and Multi Subtitle Media Player

Say adiós to language barriers with a single click. Privacy Player Pro allows viewers to switch between language tracks and multilingual subtitles on-the-go, ensuring a personalised viewing experience for all.

branded video player for multilingual streaming

Case: Multilingual Live Streaming for WHO

Hear what our clients have to say. Recently, we collaborated with PPCRN on a multilingual live stream for the Ministry of VWS and the WHO. 

“Jet-Stream proved to be the right partner for our unique project requirements… We were really pleased with the professional multi-language live streaming solution which brought this event to the next level.”

Improve SEO with multilingual streaming

Improve Your SEO

Increasing the accessibility of your media helps you in multiple ways, including expanding your viewership and improving your video search engine optimization. By optimizing your videos to be more accessible, search engines can better analyze and rank your content.

Ready to Embrace Multi-Audio?

If you are looking for multi audio solution, go for Jet-Stream! Reach out to us, describe your case, and let us tailor the best vendor and implementation plan for your needs. We’re here to help you!