About Jet-Stream

Jet-Stream is Europe’s streaming specialist with an unchallenged 30 years experience in streaming innovation, operation, consulting and services.

Jet-Stream Cloud is Europe’s broadcast grade streaming platform with global scale. Create your own workflow and take control over your streams, workflows, quality, costs and data. Easy, smart, expert.

40% TCO reduction, 100% uptime, GDPR audited, 430% faster streaming, 8K, 9 CDNs.
By the inventors of streaming.


Professional European broadcasters, publishers, brands, enterprises, sports clubs, governments, health care, education and online video platforms all trust their mission critical streaming, radio, event, video and podcast services to Jet-Stream.

We work for hundreds medium and large direct customers and partners with clients such as Vodafone, Daimler Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Bahn, Ajax, Telegraaf, NRC, HBO, Efteling, KLM, Gasunie, Afas, European Union, WHO, United Nations, EDPS, and with many we have a long-term relationship. Our customers grant us a 9.5 in customer satisfaction.

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The modem used for the first live stream webcast in 1994.
The modem used for the first webcast in 1994.

A little history.

Can you imagine life without live streaming? That we spend 4 hours a day watching videos, television and listening to radio online? We dreamt of it but certainly didn’t expect to be delivering billions of streams globally, for the highest demanding professional customers.

Let’s take you back to 1994. Three men were sitting at a bar, they got a crazy idea: produce a live stream. And so, they did. On November 4, 1994 they produced the world’s first live stream ever.

In 1996 their live streams became so popular that they broke down the internet (sorry again!). So, in 1997 they decided to build the world’s first streaming CDN. Six years later, in 2003, Jet-Stream was founded with the mission to scale and professionalize the web for streaming.

Read more about the company history time line, and watch the award-winning documentary ‘ Ready Set Rock ‘n Roll ‘ about how we pioneered streaming in the 90’s.

A reliable partner.

Streaming is in our DNA. We use our 30 years expertise to innovate. We offer an intuitive very easy-to-use video streaming platform. Broadcasters, enterprises, sports clubs, brands and events can integrate complex workflows in minutes through our portal.

We also offer a very powerful unified API. In which you can control and automate everything. Since our first stream we have worked with our clients to build solutions for their most complex challenges.

We care for your data and we care for the planet. Our clients know we always go the extra mile, in engineering and in services.

Jet-Stream is a solid, profitable, privately owned company. We are not a startup. We focus on customers, quality, innovation and profitability, instead of focussing on investor growth rates.

Watch this presentation video about Jet-Stream Cloud.

Jet-Stream is the most experienced streaming vendor.
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On a mission to bring people together.

Since the invention of live video streaming in 1994, our focus has remained steadfast: streaming audio and video to inspire people, forster global connectivity, and make the world smarter and more creative. We aim to empower organisations with sustainable revenue models, enabling them to share knowledge and creativity worldwide.

For more information about our values, click here.

Dutch, European and from Groningen.

We are European, Dutch and above all Gronings.


We are a European pioneer in streaming and therefore actively embrace European privacy values. This means actively protecting your data, your audience and your business interests.


We are a Dutch private limited company without any foreign ties. We communicate directly and are very open and transparent. 


Above all, we are from Groningen. We are down-to-earth and proud of it. Actions speak louder than words so expect a hands-on mentality from us.

Some facts and figures.

100% historic uptime

Jet-Stream has the ambition to achieve an uptime of 99,999%. Thanks to multiple CDN’s, active load balancing and active monitoring up to this day we achieved an uptime of 100%.

430% faster streaming

Streaming chunks load 430% faster on Jet-Stream than on generic clouds. How?  We optimize our networks, hardware, infrastructure and software for streaming. We don’t use any virtualization, for instance.

Experience since 1994

We learned that every streaming use case requires a unique workflow. That’s why we built Jet-Stream Cloud and developed innovative software to make streaming easier and give you full control. Let’s talk about your case and how we can help.

A reliable partner

Jet-Stream has been a profitable, financial stable, private company since the start in 2003. We grew 1800% in the first 5 years. We have no loans, debts or investors. We fund our own innovation. We don’t buy growth, instead we focus on innovation, quality and service. Our customers trust their strategic media services to us, because we think along with strategies, use cases and efficient operation.

100% GDPR compliant

We protect your sensitive media and data. We are GDPR, DSGVO, RPGD, AVG, BDSG compliant. We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. As a European pioneer in streaming, with our own EU cloud, Jet-Stream makes you in control of your data. We will never share your data or claim ownership of it: your data is yours only.

40% overall cost reduction

Jet-Stream reduces your streaming TCO in many ways. Smart Multi CDN algorithms reduce traffic costs by 40%. Many applications are bundled for free, unlimited. We slash your operational costs by giving you full control over every step in your workflow. Read more about how you can reduce your costs through workflow automation and orchestration.

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