Since we invented live video streaming, Jet-Stream stands for streaming audio and video to inspire people, to make the world smarter and more creative, to bring people closer together and for organisations to have sustainable revenue models for sharing their knowledge and creativity.


Streaming democratises and ensures that knowledge and creativity can be spread freely over the Internet. Jet-Stream works on innovations and services that protect privacy, and improve freedoms for all, to bring people closer together.


Streaming saves a lot of travel time but also costs energy. Jet-Stream is a leader and innovator in using renewable energy and in reducing the footprint of digital audio and video.


There is great value in knowledge and creativity. Thanks to Jet-Stream, organizations can share their knowledge and creativity with the whole world through streaming and make money from it. Our innovations, core values and services are Jet-Stream’s sustainable revenue model.


Jet-Stream is committed to privacy and data protection. Your media and data are yours, and is never shared or sold. We shield personal data. We minimise data. We are 100% EU sovereign, on EU soil, with EU staff and EU ownership.


Since 2004, Jet-Stream uses 100% carbon neutral energy. We only use data centers with the lowest PUE, top cooling and cold corridors. We reduced our footprint by innovating and pioneering with hardware acceleration, data aggregation and minimisation, and algorithms that automatically scale storage, server and delivery resources up and down based on demand.


Jet-Stream does not look where you are from but where you want to go. We strive for ultimate quality for our customers and for equal chance of opportunity and responsibility for every member of our team. We are a professional yet informal and international team of EU citizens.


Trust that your streams are performing 24*7, trust that your media are protected to the highest standards. Trust that your business case and mission are protected. Trust that your data and your audience are safe. Trust that you can rely on a vendor that supports you with expertise. Trust that you have a future proof partner that helps you innovate and grow.