Jet-Stream Cloud is a modular streaming platform that enables you to integrate your own services. We present you our ecosystem. Ask us for independent advise.



Jet-Stream Cloud is the ultimate streaming cloud for origin services. Instantly publish all your live and on-demand media globally via the active multi-cdn service, enjoy Jet-Stream’s professional services such as statistics, and player. Add remote live and vod origin streaming services in a single click in Jet-Stream Cloud, which acts as the origin shield.

jet-stream certified ecosystem origin services. Unified streaming

Unified Streaming is a forerunner in creating smart video streaming technologies and defining industry-advancing standards and specifications.

Package to HLS (TS & CMAF), (DVB-)DASH, HbbTV, HDS and Smooth. Stream in AV1, HEVC, Dolby Atmos, Dolby-AC4, DTS:X. Use SCTE 35-based dynamic ad insertion for live streams.

Ask us for high performance hosted unified streaming services, within Jet-Stream Cloud.

Video players

Video players are key in showing your media across any device in the world. Privacy Player Pro is built-in, with unlimited views, for free. Here are some great alternatives from our partners. Ask us for advise on which player suits your use case best. Jet-Stream Cloud’s advanced security, multi-can and statistics services all work independently of the player.

jet-stream certified ecosystem video players

Agnoplay enables seamless player configuration, integration, deployment and maintenance. All managed through one centralised control panel. Easily scale and customise multiple players. Integrate analytics, ad serving, and QoS tooling. Agnoplay includes native SDKs for web, iOS and Android.

Theoplayer brings your media to smart tv’s and set top boxes. API’s, SDKs and DRM support let you publish and protect your media anywhere.

jet-stream certified ecosystem video players
jet-stream certified ecosystem video players

Video JS is a popular open source framework to develop custom HTML5 players.


Jet-Steam offers advanced media security features, and DRM transparency. Digital Rights Management is the techology to encrypt videos and streams, to manage via licenses who can access which media, under which conditions. Ask us for advise on the most optimal DRM implementations for your use case.

jet-stream certified ecosystem DRM

EZDRM simplifies PlayReady, FairPlay, Widevine, WisePlay and Multi-DRM services.

BuyDRM offers multi-CDN encryption, licensing and watermarking services to protect your media and your business.

jet-stream certified ecosystem drm

AI for media and metadata

Artificial Intelligence can automatically interpret, translate, context and create media and metadata. Ask us for advise on the best implementation for your use case.

jet-stream certified ecosystem meta-data

The Scriptix Speech to Text platform enables you to optimise your video and streaming workflows. Create transcripts and subtitles in over a dozen languages, GDPR compliant.

Create text and subtitles from audio or video, either automatically and perfected by you or made by language experts and professional subtitlers.

jet-stream certified ecosystem metadata
jet-stream certified ecosystem meta data

Use Media Distillery to create enhanced viewing experiences by enabling faster access to relevant content and optimised advertising that boosts viewer engagement.


OnAir 4K is the easiest professional live encoder: click and stream, without having to buy or install and configure an encoder. These encoders are certified to work with Jet-Stream Cloud. Stream your media using your encoders to a global audience and enjoy the benefits of 4K and 8K streaming, security, multi cdn, player and statistics. Ask us for advise on which encoder suits your use case best.

jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoder

Wirecast is professional live stream production software. It can stream simultaneously to Jet-Stream Cloud’s primary and fallback intake services, and lets you create stunning broadcasts with overlays, and scene switching.

vMix is a complete live video production software solution with advanced features including live mixing, switching, recording and live broadcasting of SD, full HD and 4K streams.

jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoder
jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoder

With AWS Elemental Live, you can launch a 24/7 4K Ultra HD service with improved color space, deeper luminance, and increased bit depth for enhanced picture quality. Create HDR 10, or Dolby Vision content.

The LiveU Solo video encoder offers one-touch, wireless live streaming, directly from your camera or any other video source, over multiple connections such as wifi, cellular and ethernet combined, great for live coverage in large crowds.

jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoder
jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoders

Blackmagic offers a wide range of broadcast production devices such as the Web Presenter 4K and the Atem Mini Pro and Extreme. These products output high quality streams directly to Jet-Stream Cloud.

Osprey Video has been a Jet-Stream partner since the late 90’s. Osprey’s Talon hardware encoders convert HDMI and SDI signals into high quality streams for Jet-Stream Cloud.

jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoders
jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoders

Kiloview builds high quality, reliable encoders for broadcasters who need 24/7 live streaming without hickups. Pro encoders, for Jet-Stream Cloud.

Teradek encoders send reliable, high quality and versatile streams to Jet-Stream Cloud, whether you have permanent 24/7 or live event productions.

jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoder
jet-stream certified live encoders

Newtek Tricaster inputs video sources, teams, zoom ad slack calls, cameras, webpages and outputs these as high quality streams to Jet-Stream Cloud.

Haivision produces leading live encoders to produce high quality stream in many uses cases, so you can stream with Jet-Stream Cloud.

jet-stream certified live encoder
jet-stream certified ecosystem live encoder

OBS is a popular open source live encoder that is widely used to stream live content at high quality to Jet-Stream Cloud.

NETINT develops advanced encoding systems on a chip that offers ultra low latency, high quality encoding at extreme low footprints, both in size and in energy consumption.

CDN ecosystem

Content Delivery Networks operate global networks with ten thousands of servers, to deliver your streams and videos at high performance and scale across the world. These great CDNs are integrated in Jet-Stream’s free Airflow Multi-CDN service. Each CDN has its own strengths. Jet-Stream Cloud turns any CDN into a high-end streaming video platform. Ask us for advise for the best mix for your use case.

jet-stream certified ecosystem CDN

Akamai is the leading content delivery network (CDN) services provider for media and software delivery, and cloud security solutions. Akamai built its first CDN in 1998, one year after Jet-Stream’s first CDN. Akamai’s strength are fine granular distribution, security, uptime, performance, and scale.

Fastly is a global high performance CDN, with powerful servers at strategic locations, enabling high speed streaming across the globe.

jet-stream certified CDN

Amazon Cloudfront is a fast content delivery network service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with low latency, high transfer speeds.

EdgeNext is a global edge cloud service provider specializing in China, APAC, and MEA cloud delivery. Thanks to the integration with Jet-Stream, it can now connect more European customers with audiences worldwide, particularly in China and APAC regions delivering a seamless streaming experience.

jet-stream certified CDN

Edgio (formerly known as Edgecast, acquired by Limelight) is a high performance global content delivery network. Its strengths are in scale and performance. is a European company on a mission to make the internet hop faster! They provide next-generation CDN, robust security, edge computing, and comprehensive DDoS protection services that help supercharge over a million websites. continually ranks as one of the fastest networks in the world and is committed to building better internet experiences for hundreds of millions of internet users each day. 

jet-stream certified Content delivery network

Medianova is a CDN with global presence and focus on the Middle-East, Eastern Europe and Africa. It delivers high performance media at competitive rates.


Jet-Stream Analytics are based on reliable server-side logs. Real-time feeds of GDPR compliant data are available for additional processing.

jet-stream certified analytics

Market share is key to broadcasters and publishers. Triton is the authority in radio and podcast market share metrics. Thanks to integration with Jet-Stream, you get 100% accurate market share results.


Jet-Stream Cloud fully supports IAB VAST-compliant advertising, guaranteeing seamless compatibility and easy integration with your existing infrastructure. With our powerful Contextual advertising feature, you can achieve precise targeting, ensuring your ads reach the right audience while prioritizing privacy protection. Moreover, our ‘ad-only’ mode enables effortless incorporation of video ads on websites, delivering a seamless and highly effective advertising experience for your brand.

Need an advice for your use case? Reach out to our experts

Opt Out Advertising is an online advertising technology partner offering no-consent monetization solutions for publishers and advertisers. And in collaboration with Jet-Stream they provide a privacy-conscious environment and increased revenue streams for everyone in the media industry. 

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With Let’s Get Digital you grow your number of attendees, extend your brand awareness and increase the ROI of your sponsors and exhibitors.

Jet-Stream Cloud is co-founder of the Dutch Media Exchange, Europe’s gateway for high quality broadcasting to DVB, FM, cable, OTT, mobile and web streaming.

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