Broadcast grade streaming.

• Radio, podcasts, vod and linear.
• Increase reach and engagement.
• Save operational load and costs.
• Generate new revenue streams.
• True broadcast grade service.

The full broadcast solution for TV, OTT, lineair & vod streaming, music, podcasts and radio.

In the fast-paced world of broadcasting, delivering high-quality video content is crucial to engaging viewers and staying ahead of the competition. That’s why broadcasters rely on Jet-Stream for their mission-critical VOD and live streaming. Jet-Stream Cloud lets broadcasters quickly create advanced video workflows, where they integrate Jet-Stream’s Multi-CDN, player, analytics, advertising and transcoding services with their own VMS, portals, encoders, origins and CDNs. Your streams will outperform the competition.

Six reasons to
choose Jet-Stream

Strategic partner

Jet-Stream invented streaming in 1994 and is a trusted partner for broadcasters for streaming strategy, business case, use case, workflow, and operation.

Broadcast grade platform

Outperform competition with Jet-Stream Cloud: 4K & 8K streaming, 9 integrated multi-CDN, 99.999% uptime, and 430% faster streaming.

Professional streaming applications

Broadcast grade live transcoding, video transcoding, origin services, brandable interactive HTML5 player, reliable statistics, and enforced security.

Open architecture

Create advanced workflows, mix and tune the built-in applications with your own VMS, portals, apps, origins, players, CDNs, and analytics services.

TCO reduction

Smart algorithms save up to 40% in traffic costs. The Mix open workflow architecture reduces your internal operational load dramatically.

Listen to this

Jet-Stream offers integrated support for HLS, DASH and icecast radio streaming, and podcast hosting. You have one partner for 24*7 television channels, 24*7 radio channels, video on-demand and audio hosting.

Increase profits

To sustain profitability in the face of declining advertising revenues and increasing use of ad-blockers, finding new revenue streams, and adopting innovative advertising solutions is crucial. This is where Jet-Stream comes in as your partner, providing support for various monetization models such as AVOD, SVOD, PVOD, or a combination of these. Here’s how we can help you increase your revenues:

  1. VAST advertisement integrations
  2. Contextual advertisement
  3. Enforced access control
  4. DRM encryption and licensing
  5. Lead generation and call-to-actions

Here’s how we support you to reduce your costs and increase your margins:

  1. Multi CDN with 40% traffic cost reduction
  2. Full control over transcoding qualities and costs
  3. Free unlimited licenses for player, statistics, and security
  4. Extreme reduction in your internal operational load

Easy, Smart, Expert: flexibility and control

Streaming is complex technology. It is difficult, expensive, and risky to build and maintain your entire streaming stack. Video platforms make life easier, but force you into their workflow, so you lose flexibility and the competitive advantage. Jet-Stream Cloud offers the best of both worlds:

  • a 99.999% broadcast-grade streaming cloud, with 9 integrated global CDNs.
  • professional streaming applications for transcoding, origin, multi CDN, security, analytics, and player.
  • Real-time customizable branding and interactive HTML5 player.
  • Real-time control for encoding quality, global distribution, security, and statistics.
  • API for integration with your own encoders, origins, transcoders, CDNs, performance metrics, analytics services, DRM, players, CMS, and portals.

Create your own flow with Jet-Stream, and have full control over workflows, costs, quality, and performance, without getting stuck in a SaaS video platform.

jet-stream cloud versus video platform

9.5 customer satisfaction

“Jet-Stream has provided NH Media with an invaluable partnership. They made integrating our workflow extremely easy. From the migration process to adding trans rating services on top of our products. The team at Jet-Stream properly monitor both their services as well as our input. They have helped in all aspects of the distribution of our content.”

Broadcast grade streaming for VOD and live

With the growing demand for high-quality video content, broadcasters need reliable and efficient streaming solutions that can deliver exceptional viewing experiences. And what could be more reliable than a platform that operates its own streaming cloud? Deliver videos and 24*7 live streams with the highest Quality of Experience at 4K and 8K qualities. Stream to any device using the lightning-fast HTML5 player. Reach any part of the world thanks to 9 integrated global CDNs.

  • Broadcast grade streaming cloud with 99.999% uptime.
  • 430% faster-streaming thanks to streaming optimization.
  • Multi-CDN with 9 global CDNs for ultimate scale.
  • Coverage in all continents including the Middle East, Africa, and China.
  • Active load balancing algorithms for extreme uptime and performance.
  • Stream in 4K, 8K, and 360° VR, with HDR and Dolby Atmos.
  • Enforced geo-fencing, URL signing and encryption.
  • Broadcast grade workflows with accounts, users, rights.
Broadcast grade streaming for VOD
Broadcast grade streaming for live event
Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision chose Jet-Stream for our expertise in delivering high-quality, low-latency video and audio content for large-scale events and for providing a customized solution that met the specific requirements of the contest.

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