Our legal page: terms and conditions

Yes, we too need to have some legal stuff in place. Not only for ourselves, but also to protect our customers from misuse by others. Since our platform is open, we support all sorts of technologies, workflows and use cases. Even though we have built a robust and scalable platform, we can never fully prevent that the continuity of our service to customers is affected, so we need to be able to put a halt to that. Below you will find all relevant documentation in which we explain how we regulate these matters.

Privacy Policy

At Jet-Stream, we value your privacy and that of your end users. All the same, we need to collect information to be able to interact, improve and protect. We provide full disclosure about what we do with your information and for which purpose.


At Jet-Stream, we value your rights and ideas as well as our own. We need to keep these well protected.

Fair Use Policy

Jet-Stream is committed to providing you with the fastest and most reliable media hosting and delivery service. That’s why we have taken steps to implement a Fair Use Policy. It’s designed to avoid misuse of our network and/or services in any way. This FUP is there to protect you and all of our other customers from harmful usage.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are in accordance to the standards of the Nederland ICT trade association, the foremost advocate and representative of the Dutch ICT sector.