Awards: we deliver.

Jet-Stream is proud to have won multiple awards. We feel that the awards reflect our enthusiasm, experience and drive to offer you the best content hosting, distribution and delivery service in the market.

Dutch Privacy Awards 2024

 At the 7th National Privacy Conference, Jet-Stream was announced as the winner of the Dutch Privacy Award 2024 in the Technology category. According to the Privacy First jury, “Jet-Stream has managed to turn protecting viewers’ privacy into a revenue model. The software they have developed is innovative and unique because it does not send advertisers personal data from these viewers, but only anonymised data and data on context of the stream watched. This ‘contextualised advertising’ ends up generating even more ad revenue than the usual personalised ads based on individual profiles of viewers.

Jet-Stream’s operations are steeped in being privacy-conscious. For instance, they have set up their own cloud that is 100% Dutch, employ only EU employees, and the company is fully Dutch-owned. Furthermore, they use no cookies and no trackers in their software. Moreover, the video player they developed themselves does not share any generated data with their customers.“.

Innovation Awards

MaelStrom Live is the winner of the Streaming Media Innovation Awards, for the best Transcoding Solution. As a professional cloud-based live transcoder within Jet-Stream Cloud, it offers an intuitive web interface, extreme uptime, scalability and unmatched control over both quality and costs. Moreover, with an impressively reduced footprint of 89% and highly competitive rates, it truly stands out in the market.

Streaming Innovation Awards

Streaming Media Europe 51

In 2023 Jet-Stream has been named one of the 51 most cutting-edge, influential, and dynamic technology companies in the streaming ecosystem by Streaming Media Europe.

Innovation Awards

Jet-Stream Mix is the winner of the Streaming Media Innovation awards, for best Cloud Workflow Solution. Jet-Stream Mix is a free integrated service of Jet-Stream Cloud. It lets you stream easy, smart and expert: tune each step in your workflow, and integrate and mix your own services. Create your own flow to be in control of workflows, quality, performance and costs.

Streaming Innovation Awards
Streaming award

Best Delivery Network.

Every year, thousands of readers of Streaming Media Magazine voted and Jet-Stream ranked multiple times as #1, #2 or #3 for Best Delivery Network.

Streaming Media 101

Streaming Media 101

Jet-Stream was listed repeatedly as one of the 101 most important, inspiring, innovative online video companies in Europe. According to an independent panel of specialists and editors of Streaming media magazine, we have had the most impact on the development of online video in the recent past and are most likely to continue to do so in the future.

Accenture Innovation Awards

Accenture Innovation Award.

Jet-Stream was awarded with two Accenture Innovation awards for most innovative and successful company in the Media & Communications industry. The awards were for the Jet-Stream CDN service and our CDN technology. Companies can only enter the list if their innovation proved to be commercially successful.

FD Gazellen Awards.

Jet-Stream ranked #3 rankings for fastest growing companies in our region.

FD Gazellen Awards
Editors' Pick by streaming magazine.

Editors’ pick.

Jet-Stream CDN technology was chosen as an editor’s pick in Streaming Media Magazine, their top 10 list of products and services in the streaming and CDN industry:”(..) what’s most impressive about the Jet-Stream platform is its interface (…) the interfaces are intuitive and easy to use, but Jet Stream hasn’t sacrificed functionality for simplicity”.- Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Streaming Media Magazine.

#10 Deloitte Fast 50.

Jet-Stream ranked number 10 in the fastest growing technology companies in the Benelux. The ranking was based on turnaround growth for 5 years in a row.

Deloitte Fast 50.
Streaming Media Dream Team.

Streaming Media Dream Team.

Jet-Stream founder Stef van der Ziel was selected as one of the few Streaming Media Dream Team players by the staff of Streaming Media Magazine:

“The Streaming Media Dream Team represents the diversity of the online video industry today, (…) from hard-core technologists to conceptual visionaries,” says Streaming Media editor Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen. “But one thing ties them all together: A passion for online video that goes beyond merely advancing their own personal and professional agendas to pushing the entire industry forward. They’re all superstars, but they’re all team players, too.”