Media monetization

Media monetization

• Take control and profit
• Monetize all media
• Boost ad revenu
• Earn from sponsors
• Reach global audience

Your content, your profit

When it comes to monetizing your media content, you don’t have to rely on sharing revenues and data with third parties anymore. Take control of your content and monetize it yourself. With Jet-Stream, you can explore numerous opportunities to generate revenue without depending on platforms like YouTube.

Monetise all your media

Don’t limit yourself to just video content. Our unified platform supports a wide range of media, expanding your opportunities for monetization:

  • Podcasts
  • Music
  • Radio
  • Events
  • Television
  • Video
Media monetization for all content types

Support for all business cases

Launch multiple revenue streams with ease and maximize your earning potential!

– AVOD (advertising)
– FAST (advertised tv channels)
– PVOD (pay per view)
– SVOD (subscriptions)
– CTA (interactive call to actions)
– Sponsored (branded player)

Go from 60% to 100% inventory advertising

Boost your advertising revenue and enhance targeting precision with contextual video advertising. Unlike traditional ad models that rely heavily on third-party data, our solution enables you to deliver ads based on the context of your content. By leveraging contextual targeting, you can lower the cost per CPM and achieve 40% higher revenue. Even when browsers block third-party data.

Go beyond video player

Imagine offering your audience a seamless and non-intrusive advertising. With outstream ads, you can do just that! Unlike traditional video ads that interrupt the viewing experience, outstream ads can be strategically placed apart from video player. So, you can boost your revenue without disrupting your audience’s enjoyment. It’s a win-win!

Provide sponsorship opportunities

Enhance your sponsorship opportunities by customizing the look and feel of your video player. Sell sponsorship packages, allowing companies to add their brand colors to your player, overlay sponsor logos, and showcase poster images. Provide them with valuable visibility and increase your revenue!

Add interactive CTAs

Create clickable shops and overlays on video and podcasts that allow viewers to purchase tickets, merchandise, subscriptions, and products directly from the media player. Take it a step further with interactive sponsor banners featuring clickable call-to-actions for lead generation.

Click-to-action as part of content monetization

Impress potential sponsors

We understand the importance of proving your success to attract sponsors. With Jet-Stream StreamStats, you can confidently showcase your achievements without the need for intrusive trackers. Every viewer is counted, and all the essential data you need are neatly presented in one easy-to-use interface. For all your media.

secure streams with jet-stream

Secure your content

In numerous scenarios, the purpose of your event streams, live classes, or 24/7 TV channels is to maintain exclusivity. With geo-fencing, tokens, and encryption, you have complete control over who can access your media. You can enforce restrictions and determine which streams and videos are free-to-air, exclusive, or available behind a paywall. With Jet-Stream control is in your hands.

Reach viewers worldwide

Expand your reach and scale your business by reaching paying viewers in emerging markets. Our multi-CDN approach ensures high performance and seamless streaming across continents, catering to viewers in Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle-East, Africa, China, and the Pacific.