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Privacy Player Pro.

• Unified media player
• 8K cinematic experience
• Contextual advertising
• Dynamic branding
• Global performance
• Interactive API
• No trackers

Unlimited and free.

Jet-Stream Privacy Player Pro - HTML5 interactive branded video player.

Pro HTML5 video player.

Privacy Player Pro is a professional, responsive and adaptive HTML5 player for podcasts, music, radio, video, live tv and live webcasts.

Privacy Player plays live adaptive streaming video, radio streaming, on-demand videos and audio files, from mobile to 4K, even 8K and 360° VR video.

The player guarantees a uniform display of your rich media at the highest quality across all modern browsers and mobile devices, with Airplay and Chromecast support.

The art comes first.

Minimalistic design puts your media first.

Contextual ads for better CPM.

Privacy Player Pro is the first commercially available media player to offer contextual video advertising.

Browsers are actively blocking 3rd party data. As a result, video advertising revenues are dropping.

Contextual advertising is the successor of 3rd party data video advertising (AVOD).

Privacy Player Pro shares rich data with your advertisers, so they can optimally target. Your CPM value will rise, instead of decline.

Contextual Advertising is integrated, unlimited and free, so we don’t eat into your CPM margins.

Privacy Player Pro - branded video player. Interactive video player. Javascript API. HTML5. Custom player.

It’s your player.

Branded video player

Customize Privacy Player Pro with custom colors, play buttons and poster images, in just a few clicks, great for video branding. Watch how easy it is to publish a custom player.

Rich media experience

Enrich the media experience by adding surround sound, multi-language audio, thumbnails, poster images and multi-language subtitles. Overlay logos and interactive web objects.


Privacy Player Pro comes with an easy, well-documented API so you can easily change the entire appearance of the player, dynamically per scene, while playing.


And there is two-way interactivity too: play, pause and skip videos from your site, and change the site accordingly to what’s playing. Get creative!

Stream faster than the Jetstream.

Privacy Player is all about speed. 8K vod and live streams start without delay, thanks to Jet-Stream’s streaming platform, with optimisations in network, cloud and software.

Smart algorithms optimize delivery, adaptive streaming and stream preloading. The player is modular.

Active mid-stream CDN switching guarantees fluent streams across the globe.

There are no trackers, so nothing gets in the way of loading the light-weight code and the streams.

Fastest video player. Privacy Player Pro is faster than Blue Billywig, Flowplayer, JW Player, Brightcove, Kaltura.
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No trackers.

Privacy Player does not use any trackers. We simply don’t need them: we generate our analytics in the cloud, that’s a more reliable source of data.

100% GDPR compliant.

No trackers means that there’s no data flowing to third parties. You can even disable Chromecast. Your audience is protected against personal data sharing.

Data protection, privacy protection, business protection.

Your business is protected too: data that could contain competitive sensitive material such as your markets, titles and customers are protected in our secure EU cloud. You won’t be competed against yourself with your own data, thanks to Privacy Player.

Read more about data protection.

Privacy Player Pro - free HTML5 video player.

Unlimited and free.

Paying with your data, or paying for a service that could share, leak or sell your data is never a good deal.

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. As an organization, it is also your right to own and control your data yourself.

Don’t pay to play.

Privacy is priceless. To make privacy not just a legal or moral choice, we decided to make Privacy Player available for free. Unlimited use with every Jet-Stream Account.

Privacy Player Pro.


Anyone can stream pro.

One-click publishing: start a stream, publish the HTML5 player via iFrame or the Javascript API and you are done.

There is no step 3.


Rich media experiences.

Tune the colors, stream multitrack and surround audio, add subtitles in many languages, stream in 4K, 8K and 360° virtual reality, using the easiest player interface.


Take control.

Become an expert and use Privacy Player Pro’s API to build OTT playlist services, add interactive overlays and integrate interactive experiences with your portals and apps.

Developer Video Player API. Javascript. Front-end interactive video player. Dynamic branding. Branded player. Custom video player.

Developers API.

Create interactive video services, including playlists, interactive overlays and create two-way interactivity between your portal and the player.

Integrate, orchestrate and automate. Learn more.

From the inventors of streaming.

In 1994, we turned Netscape Navigator into the world’s first HTML video player by streaming live video natively in the browser.

We also developed a Flash video player and named it Stroboscope (‘flash, flash, flash’).

Privacy Player is our latest video player innovation. It is based on open source for maximum compliancy and flexibility, is ultra-fast, contains no trackers, is EU CDN hosted and is bundled for free. It comes with professional tools so developers can build powerful, interactive streaming experiences.


Read all the specifications of Privacy Player Pro and Jet-Stream Cloud.

“Ajax plays premier league sports, and we only work with premier league vendors. Jet-Stream was an obvious choice.”

Mark van Leest, Ajax.
Stream high quality music with Privacy Player Pro

Hear this.

Stream high quality music, live radio channels, surround sound & multi language audio.

interactive video player. branded video player. HTML5 player.
Icecast radio streaming player.