Green streaming

In order for streaming to continue to change the world for the better, it must focus on best practices around energy consumption.

Jet-Stream uses only green power for all its services. From transcoding to streaming, from storage to analytics.

Carbon neutral green streaming

100% renewable energy.

The world has become increasingly dependent on streaming services for business, entertainment and social interactions.

Did you know that we humans approximately spend 4 hours a day on streaming? We must therefore focus on best practices around energy consumption.

Reducing carbon emissions is a global priority. Since 2004 Jet-Stream is 100% powered by renewable energy and is constantly aiming to reduce its carbon footprint. No pledges, no promises: zero carbon today.

The datacenters used for Jet-Stream Cloud are ISO 14001 certified, and use 100% qualified carbon neutral energy. The main source of power is wind.

Renewable energy, zero carbon footprint.
Jet-Stream Edge PoP with the lowest watts per stream.

Energy efficient engineering.

Being powered by renewable energy is not enough. We wanted to do more for the planet so we invested in an efficient and modern infrastructure.

Efficient infrastructure.

Jet-Stream Cloud is a purpose-built streaming platform, tuned for streaming performance and energy efficiency, using the lowest possible watts per GB stored and streamed, ensuring an extreme low energy footprint, while guaranteeing high performance up to 8K streaming.

Efficient transcoding.

Transcoding is a resource intensive process in streaming. Jet-Stream developed a hybrid hardware accelerated and software transcoding solution that reduces 89% energy consumption while offering beyond broadcast grade quality.

Efficient analytics.

Log processing and analytics are resource intensive services. Thanks to smart software architectures, the built-in StreamStats engine uses a single pipeline and smart data aggregation to scale up processing while reducing overall processing resources.

Efficient streaming.

Privacy Player is lightweight code, and videos are streamed adaptively, not (progressively) downloaded, to save maximum data, energy and costs.

That’s cool.

Jet-Stream Cloud is housed in data centers which use renewable energy, top cooling, and cold corridors.

Cold corridors flow cool air through server racks, which adds to the efficiency.

Top cooling uses the outside air to cool the infrastructure. This saves dramatically in air conditioning, and in energy consumption.

The data centers used comply with the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), Climate Neutral Data Pact and the DNSH Green Deal, they use 100% sustainable energy, and have a low PUE of 1.2.

Smart footprint management.

Smart tiered software and algorithms ensure that resources are only used where they are needed.

Algorithms track the popularity of every video and livestream in real-time. Initially, long-tail videos are stored on a so called core layer, using as less resources as possible, without sacrificing availability and performance.

As soon as content becomes popular, Jet-Stream Cloud replicates the content to additional burst servers, and serve viral media from memory.

This is a very efficient way of limiting resources and being more efficient. It saves on power, it saves on costs and that benefits everyone. Including the planet and your wallet.

Stop greenwashing. Switch to a true green streaming platform.

Your streams are powered by 100% renewable energy.