Streaming for publishers.

Build your own broadcast grade streaming service:

• Monetize your videos and streams
• Reach audiences of millions
• Outperform competitors
• Reduce external and operational costs
• Manage multiple publications

Publishers are becoming media powerhouses

When a picture is a thousand words, a video is a thousand pictures. The internet has changed how people consume news and information. Streaming enables publishers to become multimedia powerhouses and reach global audiences.

We especially appreciate the combination of flexibility, hands-on approach and streaming knowledge present at Jet-Stream

Your strategic streaming partner

With 30 years of experience and a powerful streaming cloud, Jet-Stream has been the partner of choice for professional publishers who are taking serious steps toward becoming media platforms. We go beyond technology and help you with strategy, business case, use case, and workflows.

publishers' content monetization

Build and monetize your reach

Video is popular and drives traffic to your online news outlets. You can monetize this traffic by adding pre-rolls and mid-rolls. Jet-Stream offers integrated support for IAB VAST advertising standards. Bring your content to smart phones, tablets, computers and the big screen.

Contextual video advertising: protect your revenue streams

Sixty percent of all video ads are displayed without targeting, because of ad-blocking by browsers and blockers. This reduces the CPM value of your reach, it hurts your AVOD business. Jet-Stream is the first to introduce contextual video advertising. It allows advertisers to precisely target while privacy is protected. The service is IAB VAST compliant and is offered at no charge, so your CPM margins improve as well.

You are in control

Jet-Stream Cloud gives you full control over your streams, videos, data, costs, and workflows. Integrate and launch professional video sites, live tv channels, radio stations and podcast show in minutes and hours in one unified platform.

Learn more about the control you get with Jet-Stream

TCO reduction

Jet-Stream Cloud reduces your streaming total costs of ownership:

jet-stream cloud versus video platform
  • Competitive prices for traffic, storage, and transcoding.
  • Workflow orchestration & automation to reduce implementation and operational costs.
  • No charge per CPM for advertised media.
  • Intelligent Multi CDN algorithms select the cheapest CDN path while maintaining performance and uptime.
  • Unlimited and free built-in applications including player, security & analytics.

Read more about Total Cost of Ownership.

Data protection

Data is the new gold. You want full control over who’s watching what, so you can optimise and commercialise your services. Imagine the damage to your company if your entire data set about your market, your audience, best-performing media, and advertisers ends up in the hands of your competitors. We actively protect your media, your logs, and analytics in our secure cloud.

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Jet-Stream USPs for publishers:

  1. Expert support: fast response of knowledgeable team. A partner instead of a vendor.
  2. Workflow orchestration and automation: flexible, easy, fast and control.
  3. Reliability of streams: always up, always performing.
  4. Integrated support for live radio streaming too.
  5. Quality: full control over the quality of live streams and VOD streams.
  6. Easy to integrate with video CMS and portals and apps.
  7. Reliable analytics for measuring audience engagement and collecting data.
  8. Security: geo fence per title, manage access per request, deep-linking enforcement.
  9. Scale and extreme uptime thanks to Multi CDN.
  10. Cost-effective: competitively priced, transparent rates, easy to build a business case.
  11. Unlimited and free video advertising support built-in saves on player CPM costs.