Jet-Stream Cloud.

Jet-Stream Cloud is Europe’s sovereign media cloud, with global scale and performance.

Jet-Stream Cloud is purpose-built to accommodate the most demanding podcast, music, video and live streaming applications and workflows.

• Screaming fast.
• Extreme uptime.
• European, GDPR proof.
• 100% green energy.

Which is the best streaming platform?

Purpose-built media platform.

Audio and video files and streams are not webpages. Jet-Stream Cloud is redundant, high performance infrastructure, architected, and built from the ground up to accommodate the highest demanding low latency live stream applications and workflows. Built for 4K and 8K quality.

Low latency streaming.
Streaming platform uptime and performance.

Modern cloud stack.

Modern kubernetes and docker based technologies guarantee instant scale and automatic redundancy. Shared and dedicated pods are available for live intake, storage, origins, edges and transcoding services.

Pro media apps

Jet-Stream Cloud comes packed with professional streaming apps for live encoding, transcoding, security, Multi-CDN, video player and analytics. Deep software integration and hardware integration guarantee ultimate performance, scale and stability.

Live streaming platform, video platform, interactive branded video, secure streaming, CDN, streaming analytics.
Streaming pipeline orchestration and automation.

Multiple Awards won

Jet-Stream Mix is Jet-Stream Cloud’s modular workflow solution: create your own flow, with full control and freedom.

Mix is the winner of the 2022 Streaming Media Innovation Awards for best Cloud Workflow Solution.

Jet-Stream Cloud’s MaelStrom transcoding service is the winner of the 2023 Streaming Media Innovation Awards for best Transcoding Solution.

Streaming video cloud.

Integrated stack.

Our streaming cloud is deeply connected to all European ISPs, IXes and major global carriers, guaranteeing high performance across the continent.

We own the full stack. By controlling and tuning network, hardware and software, Jet-Stream Cloud offers you an unprecedented streaming service in uptime, performance and features.

Thanks to Jet-Stream Cloud we can bring you great innovations such as OnAir 4K live encoding, high quality transcoding services, workflow orchestration and realtime statistics.

Nine integrated CDNs.

Jet-Stream Cloud includes Jet-Stream CDN, Europe’s high performance streaming CDN, built for 8K.

In addition, 8 global CDNs are fully integrated, each with their own benefits in geographies, performance, data protection, security and pricing.

Monitoring, content steering, active load balancing, access control, flushing and log processing are fully automated. And you can take full control.

Learn more about Airflow Multi-CDN.

Stream 4K and 8K blockbusters.

Jet-Stream Cloud brochure

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GDPR compliant streaming cloud Europe

Protect your business.

European cloud.

Jet-Stream is a European company. Your streams and data are protected in our secure European cloud, which nobody can access, except we and you.

We cut all ties to third party vendors and operate all services on Jet-Stream Cloud. Therefore, data protection is ensured.

Data protection.

Data privacy is important; we’ll never share your data, nor claim ownership of it. Your data is yours only. We filter IP addresses from analytics. We don’t use cookies or trackers.

100% GDPR.

Only with Jet-Stream you are truly GDPR-compliant. Learn more about privacy.

“KLM is very satisfied with the
Jet-Stream Service.”

Ryan Weibolt, KLM

Green Energy.

The world has become increasingly dependent on streaming services for business, entertainment and social interactions.

In order for streaming to continue to change the world for the better, it must focus on best practices around energy consumption.

Jet-Stream uses only green power for all its services, from transcoding to streaming, from storage to analytics.

Learn more about greening of streaming.

Stream cloud.
Jetstream Cloud.