Sports streaming

Sports video streaming.

• 4K, 8K, 360° VR surround streaming
• 99.999% uptime
• 100+ million global viewers
• Immersive branding
• Ultimate monetization
• Full control over workflows

Sports move people literally and figuratively: on the field and also at home.

The more fans you can reach and get moving, the better for them, and the better for your club.

Every living room becomes a grandstand thanks to Jet-Stream sports streaming.


Streaming = engagement.

Nothing comes closer to the experience of being at a game together than live streaming. It is by far the best way to get your fans around the world moving: your club comes alive, even online. Every living room becomes a grandstand.

Streaming = top sport.

A top athlete is performing day and night. Streaming requires the same mentality: streams must always perform, 24*7, at the highest quality, because only then can you win. Jet-Stream has been performing at top level for 20 years, with reliable streams and innovation.

Jet-Stream for sports.

For 20 years Jet-Stream has been facilitating sports clubs with their professional online streaming services. We work for large, leading European sports clubs in soccer, ice hockey, basketball, equestrian, and many other sports. Our services are also easily accessible for smaller clubs.

Sports = marketing. Marketing = online. Online = video.

Jet-Stream goes beyond technology: we think along with sports marketing, branding, sponsorship, strategy and business. We help you get the maximum out of your online video services.

Marathon streaming
Ajax streaming

Ajax and streaming.

Ajax not only wants to be the best club on the field, but also the best club for the fans. Ajax works a lot with live streams, the site is full of videos and there is also a radio station. Streaming is an integral and mission-critical part of Ajax’s marketing mix.

Read the case study.

Basketball live stream

Sports and streaming strategy.

Sports today can’t do without professional streaming services. It’s tempting to put your content on social media, but in doing so you give away your brand, your content, your data, and thus the opportunity to generate revenues. You need a strategy.

Your brand, your media, your data, your business, and your partner.

It is tempting to license your games exclusively to a broadcaster or to an OTT streamer. But you lose control of your brand, your content and your data. Your sport is your brand, your media, your data and your business. To maintain control over that, you need a partner who gives you that control. The clubs that make the difference invest in a streaming strategy and Jet-Stream is their partner.


The Jet-Stream sports strategy.

With our sports partners, we have gained a lot of experience toward successful branding, marketing, sponsorship deals and monetization of online content. The common approach is: Use social media for branding and reach and be conservative with sharing too much content. There is only one goal: drive visitors to your site and app. Only there will you serve your audience and sponsors, and have the opportunity to upsell: ticket sales, leads for sponsors and merchandise. On your site and in your apps, you entice the audience to join your fan club for free, in exchange for exclusive content. We call this the login wall. From there, you entice them to purchase paid services: subscriptions for games, including online.

Branded, interactive video player.

Fans expect your streams to have a professional look that does justice to your brand, and to your sponsors. Privacy Player Pro is a professional HTML5 player for web and mobile, which you can fully and real-time customize to your brand experience and that of sponsors. All pro features are included for free, including unlimited views, and are extensively documented, including sample codes.


Customize the player to your brand colors, use custom controls, personalize poster frames, display interactive logo overlays and use custom play buttons to fully integrate the video.


Run the player entirely in the style of sponsors. Show sponsor videos, dynamic logo overlays, and interactive clickable banners. Generate brand awareness, reach, and leads for your sponsors, and turn streaming into a profitable activity.


Let fans choose between multiple live feeds or commentaries. Show real-time dynamic sports data such as standings, results and ball possession on top of your videos and streams. Sync videos with metadata across your site and app for the ultimate fan experience.

Lead generation.

Determine per stream and per video whether they are free-to-air or belong behind a login wall or pay-wall. Display clickable overlays and entice fans to login, buy merchandise, purchase tickets, season tickets and subscriptions to premium streaming services.

Cast to the big screen.

Many fans will access your site and app from their mobile device, and want to cast your streams and videos to their big screen. Airplay and Chromecast are therefore built in by default.

Media Shielding

To protect your funnel and your revenue, Jet-Stream offers high-quality shielding technologies. URL signing, geo fencing and encryption ensure worry-free secure streaming.

Swimming video streaming

4K, 8K, 360° VR surround, adaptive streaming.

Sports require very high picture quality. If fans are dissatisfied with the picture quality they switch to pirated services. You want to be able to see every pan and movement razor-sharp. Jet-Stream offers sports-optimized transcoding profiles to deliver up to ultra high definition 4K 60fps adaptive streams, with the choice of tuning for low latency, regular and sports. Jet-Stream also allows broadcast in their original image quality, including 360-degree virtual reality video and 8K streaming. Surround audio streaming support, for that full immersive experience, is of course included as standard. Ready for the future.

Ultimate performance and scale.

Buffering is killing, especially for paid streams. Thanks to smart algorithms, multiple integrated CDNs and a cloud built specifically for streaming, Jet-Stream delivers extremely high performance, for millions and millions of viewers worldwide. Streams start 430% faster, buffer less and play at higher quality. Happy fans are paying fans.


Reliable insights.

Sports clubs want real-time insights into viewing behaviour. This allows them to optimize their offerings, and convince sponsors of their success. Reliable analytics is therefore of strategic importance. Jet-Stream StreamStats does not use trackers but collects source data in the cloud, every viewer is counted. All key data is presented in one powerful overview: total viewers, per stream, per video, viewing duration, origin, and devices used.

OnAir 4K.

Live streaming requires expertise and professional encoders. But sports is more than just the game itself. OnAir 4K makes live streaming super easy, so even your players, coaches, marketing staff, and spokespeople can stream live, up to 4K quality, right from their browsers. Thanks to OnAir 4K, your club can create much more exclusive live content, without all that complicated technology and associated costs.

Data Protection

Data Protection.

Your streams, videos, logs and analytics belong to you, and no one else. Jet-Stream is a European specialist, with European infrastructure and global capacity. We claim no ownership on your media, nor on your data. Nor will we ever share it with third parties. We are the only ones to comply with European data protection directives.

Pipeline orchestration.

Easy, smart, expert. Start a live stream in a single click. Tune transcoding profiles. Optimize distribution. Customize the player. Integrate remote encoders and origin services. Integrate apps and portals.

Jet-Stream Mix lets you build bespoke and advanced streaming pipelines in minutes, not months. Easier than video platforms, smarter than cloud media services.

Jet-Stream Mix

Successful examples of streaming in sports

Live broadcast of matches to connect with your fans.

Live streaming of matches increases engagement with your fans. Ask fans to become members of the online fan club to watch matches live. Once a member, you can entice your fans during broadcasts and through email campaigns to buy match tickets, season tickets, pay for exclusive tours and behind-the-scenes content, and buy merchandise.

Live broadcast of games to increase reach for sponsors.

Extend your reach by broadcasting matches live. More audience is interesting for your sponsors, who are willing to pay for reach, especially if there is a “call to action” where viewers can click through to an action by your sponsors, through a pre-roll ad for the stream, a popup ad over the stream, or with a banner on the website next to the stream.

Live broadcast of matches for a fee (subscription or per match).

Every living room in the world can be a grandstand; you’re wasting money if you don’t reach these people. Increase your revenue outside the bleachers by also selling admission tickets and season tickets for live streams of matches.

Online videos.

Video brings your brand and your site to life. It’s part of your marketing mix. Fans feast on game highlights, interviews and behind-the-scenes videos. Post teaser videos on social media, drawing visitors to your site, where you can serve them, make them members and upsell. Sponsors find this reach very interesting and are happy to pay for it. Especially if leads can be generated through it.

Exclusive videos.

By making the most exclusive content available behind a login, you entice fans to become members of the online fan club for free, allowing you to connect with them, and thereby creating opportunities for sales of merchandise, tickets and subscriptions.

Sponsored channels.

Organize your own live previews, post-game reviews and press conferences, and stream them live, both as a video stream and as a radio stream. Promote these broadcasts through your fan club mailings and on social media. Sponsors can fund these channels.

Training videos.

People are now used to taking training courses online, for a fee. Consider an eLearning platform where existing sports heroes and trainers connect with the sports heroes of the future.

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