Stream live via OnAir 4K

See how easy it is to setup a professional 4K live stream, straight from your browser.

OnAir 4K.

Easy: Stream live straight from your browser, in a single click. Publish the video in a second click. There is no step 3.

Zero install, zero config, zero connect.

See how easy it is to setup a live stream, select audio sources, video sources and maximum quality.

OnAir 4K captures your media and sends the high quality origin stream to Jet-Stream Cloud. Your stream is transcoded in real-time into an HLS HTTP adaptive bit rate stream by the built-in MaelStrom Live transcoding service. 

The stream is instantly published in your Jet-Stream Cloud account, cached by Airflow Multi CDN, and cached by Jet-Stream’s Privacy Player. The latency from browser to player is just 10 seconds for a 4K stream.

Smart: build your own personal live streaming application using the OnAir 4K SDK. Build portals to let your users stream live. Automate streaming and publishing.

Expert: connect your own RTMP, RTSP, webdav and HTTP encoders.

Learn more about OnAir 4K and live encoding here.