Setup a live HTTP pull stream

See how easy it is to pull a HTTP HLS or DASH live stream from a remote server or encoder.

HTTP pull live streaming.

Add remote HTTP live publishing points in a single click.

Easy, smart & expert: Enter the remote stream URL and save. There is no step 3.

Connect HTTP live streams from remote sources such as third party clouds, Wowza servers, Unified Streaming servers, CDNs and live encoders.

Whether you have a single bit rate HTTP livestream or a multi bit rate HTTP adaptive stream, Jet-Stream Cloud will instantly serve it out via its built-in Airflow Multi CDN system.

Redundant streaming is built-in: simply add a secondary origin server.

Don’t worry about all the load or traffic of these CDNs: Jet-Stream Cloud acts as a caching shield, offloading your infrastructure.

You are in full control of manifest and chunk caching headers, we will respect these.

Learn more about live streaming here.